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Wire Saw

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If you’re looking for a lightweight yet tough Wire Saw, look no further.

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A Sturdy, Lightweight Cutting Tool: The 21-Inch Wire Saw

A reliable wire saw is a versatile tool that comes in handy on a lot of different jobs, and if you need one in your toolbox this model is an excellent choice. This saw uses multi-strand cutting wires forged from stainless steel that are 21 inches in length. Its swivel points give you a safe and convenient way to handle the wires. The overall weight is impressively light, making it a practical option for even the most minimalist of backpackers.

Designed for effective service in a wide range of different survival situations, this 21-inch wire saw can be used to cut through both small branches and larger logs. When not in use, the saw coils up into a compact package that's small enough for pocket storage. The stainless steel construction ensures that you'll get plenty of years of dependable service out of this saw.

Stainless Steel Wire Saw - Features

* High-Quality Construction * Suitable for use on all materials, including wood, plastic, rubber, and soft metals * Sharp cutting edges * Easy portability * Compact size, minimal weight * Useful in all survival and camping situations

The overall utility of wire saws is a frequent topic of debate among outdoor enthusiasts of all types. These tools go by many alternate names, including pocket chainsaws, rope saws, and flexible saws. The most commonly envisioned scenario for using a wire saw is in gathering fuel or building materials during an emergency survival situation.

Wire Saw Reliability

Durability is often a key concern with essential outdoors gear that may be called upon in emergencies, and this certainly applies to wire saws. The vast majority of wire saws offered for public sale have been extensively tested to confirm their sturdiness and durability.

Some users sharply discount the usefulness of wire saws simply because they do not know how to use those efficiently. There's a natural temptation to operate a saw like this by looping your fingers right into the saw's rings. This is not recommended, though, as it can cause pain or even injury. Most experienced users employ a standoff like a loop of parachute cord that will make the saw easier to work with, extend its lifespan, and make it more comfortable.

Maximizing the Usability of a Compact Wire Saw

While the operation of any wire saw is a relatively straightforward affair, it must be stressed that there is no particular model of this device that will spare you from the effort required to use it effectively, especially when it comes to energy-intensive survival tasks like sawing through logs, cutting branches, and gathering firewood. Wire saws work by concentrating and focusing energy from your own muscles; it is strongly recommended that you keep yourself physically fit in anticipation of any situation where you may find yourself relying on your wire saw for survival tasks.

Of course, beyond the concerns of emergency situations, you're likely to find more than a few handy uses for this compact wire saw around your campsite. Thanks to its affordable price and light weight, this is a versatile gadget you can carry virtually anywhere.

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