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WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master

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The WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master is hot, hot, hot.

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WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master

You need to be aware that anything can go wrong once you step out of your house or car. On the other hand, you should also beware of risks inside your own vehicle or home. That is the reason you need the WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master.

Here, you can't scare the bad people off because you are not in public. Defense repellent for personal carry is completely different than that used for home, car, camping, or any other sort of defense.

One of the big differences is the size. The smaller defense repellents are perfect for carrying outdoors because they are portable unlike the larger ones that might be tough to conceal.

Your deterrent spray needs to be good enough to ward off multiple attackers in the event that no help comes.

The WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master is the best one for both occasions. It has more content than the personal deterrent sprays that range from half to 2 ounces with cans in 4 ounces.

It's smart to leave pepper repellent in any compartments in your home or car if it is in a big canister, allowing you to spray into the assailants without any doubt.

Numerous motorists have been attacked when they stop at traffic lights. Criminals will count on the fact that your car windows might be rolled down and the doors are unlocked to assault, rob, or even commit murder.

With this pepper repellent, you can rest assured that you have the strength and volume to ward off any attackers. The defensive spray contains a higher amount, a higher concentration, and much more ingredients than any other brand on the market.

The 18% Fire Master 9 ounce WildFire

If measured using SHU (Scoville heat units), it contains 3 to 4 million units, much more than other brands with at most 2 million units.

Keep in mind that habanero peppers contain about 350,000 SHU, so the defensive spray is much more potent, giving you the effect that you actually need to fend off an attack.

As for the effects, you can count on the fact that the pepper deterrent gives the assailant an acute burning sensation in the eyes and on the skin. It also leads to constricted airways, choking, and incessant coughing as well as an increased production of tears and mucus.

Of course, these effects might not lead to any serious injuries but will leave the assailant incapacitated for around 15 minutes and might not disappear for hours, giving you the chance to escape or get help immediately.

The concentration of the Wildfire 18 pepper deterrents has been increased by the purity content of the peppers used in the manufacturing process. As a result, the spray has very intensified effects and the body reacts immediately to it because it has 9 ounces.

If you are ever in any attack, using the WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master will get you out. You should always bring it along with you and stop the attack immediately.

You can always count on a product that fends off your attackers whether you are in the house or in your car and keep you safe from any attacks that might be coming your way.

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