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Water Overflow Sensor Attachment

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The Water Overflow Sensor Attachment easily connects to the PAL-1 or PAL-1LIGHT.

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Water Overflow Sensor Attachment To A Warning Alarm

Besides the versatile functions of the basic alarm unit, there are furthermore a number of useful attachments to make one even more adaptable. The Water Overflow Sensor Attachment is a perfect example.

A personal alarm is a security device designed to dissuade looters or assailants without putting you in peril through confrontation. Nonetheless, this is far from the only thing that an alarm can do for you!

These lightweight warning alerts are created to daunt criminals and notify people to suspicious activity. Most of them rely on either electronic speakers or an aerosol horn to generate a loud noise.

Typically, these are intended to assist in securing a space like a hotel room or guard belongings like luggage in addition to being triggered manually during violence.

A water excess sensor straightforwardly extends the functionality of such a gadget further by making it able to shield you in circumstances where there's a significant risk of flooding.

It is capable of warning you in situations spanning from an overflowing bathtub to a serious basement flood. The sooner you find out about such a problem, the sooner you can take steps to protect yourself and fix it.

This Water Overflow Sensor Attachment is an extremely effortless addition to the already user-friendly personal siren.

Just secure it onto one and arrange it so that the loose end of the sensor dangles at a height that represents a flood danger. As soon as the end of the sensor is immersed in water, it will trigger your danger signal.

The item similarly includes a suction cup, which makes it trouble-free to arrange the end of the sensor precisely. This makes it a breeze to pick an exact level on a large surface (e.g. a basement wall) that you want to set off your flooding alarm.

The entire package - both the sensor and the suction cup - are planned expressly for usage with your alert; no tools are required to combine them.

The procedure for setting up the sensor attachment absolutely could not be simpler. There are no lengthy instructions to follow plus no programming required.

The sensor merely requires being plugged into the alarm. It's an intuitive process that any user can figure out for themselves.

Although this overflow sensor is styled for maximum compatibility, working with a scope of dissimilar alert systems, please note that it's calculated specifically as a supplement for the 130dB Door Alarm (PAL-1) or the 3 in 1 Personal Alarm with Light (PAL-1LIGHT).

Thanks to their unmistakable alarm tones, those two models are especially operative. They sound very loud and clear, carrying for a considerable distance. You'll have no trouble locating a flood threat when these go off.

The basic function of those sirens is to aid you in securing a room in your abode, a hotel room, or specific belongings. Each is affixed to a door, window, or bag, and any movement of the sheltered object will trigger the distress signal.

Both warning alert models are conceived with simplicity plus ease of use in mind. As suggested by the name, the 3 in 1 siren likewise includes an LED flashlight, which makes it visual as well as audible.

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