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Taser X2 Defender Kit

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Taser X2 Defender Kit Black with Laser, LED, 2 live Cartridges, PPW (Battery Pack) ,Target. 

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Black Taser X2 Defender Kit with LED and Laser

For many people, personal defense is coming to be an important issue. The main reasons include threatening individuals, terrorists coming in, and being afraid of criminals breaking into their houses. The form of defense will vary depending on the level that is needed. Some individuals opt for firearms while others choose a non-lethal weapon, like a Taser. In this article, we will explore the black version of the Taser X2 Defender Kit, with LED light, laser, 2 live cartridges, performance power magazines (PPW, which is the battery pack), along with a practice target.

The Taser X2 Defender's strength is one of the major things that individuals want to be aware of when it comes to this product. It is considered to be a police-strength Taser, meaning that assailants can be taken down without being killed. It is, in fact, the civilian companion for the X2, one of the elite law enforcement Tasers. Another thing that people will like about it is that it makes it easier reaching out and avoiding direct contact with an assailant since that can end up not having the greatest result at times for a crime victim.

Another factor that needs to be considered about a Taser is reach, which is one of its main advantages. Given its quality is police-grade, its range is around fifteen feet for stopping an attacker. With this far of a reach, you can react before your attacker grabs you. And you can be a safe distance from your attacker. One key thing to keep in mind is that you are going to need to use it so that it hits the target with its prongs properly ground into them. If not, the Taser X2 Defender won't affect the assailant at all.

You can still use the weapon up close with its 'drive stun' mode. Electricity is run through the dart without them being shot out. That means you have a pain compliance weapon at your disposal.

Whether from a long distance or close in, an electric shock can be used by this Taser against any attacker. The attacker will have complete neuromuscular incapacitation for a period of 20 to 45 minutes and temporarily have muscular paralysis as well. It also comes with dual lasers and a LED light that help you accurately fire the darts.

2 Cartridges Come with the Taser X2 Defender

Replaceable cartridges are something else that people have a tendency to like when making use of the Taser X2 Defender. You can replace two cartridges at a time, making it easier to be used over and over again. It also comes with an electrical warning arc, which provides an impressive visual show of force prior to firing the X2 Defender.

It is very important to get comfortable whenever you are using the Taser. The only way of being able to do that is to practice with a target. You will have the opportunity to practice since the kit includes a dummy target with it. You can keep practicing until you have a perfect aim. You can get used to the way the Taser will work and the type of kick you can expect to get from it.

When considering any Taser, batteries are extremely important to evaluate. The battery comes in the form of a performance power magazine on the X2 Defender model. It comes with the kit, just like the cartridges do. Another PPW can be used as a replacement if needed. You will have a problem if you are waiting for a new battery or the battery isn't on your Taser. Therefore, don't go out without a properly working battery. Otherwise, you won't have any defense with you.

When people are considering various forms of defense against attacker, usually they find it to be quite challenging. In order to avoid this, you need to know about all of the benefits that a Taser can provide you with and how it is able to provide you with the personal defense you need to have. The Taser X2 Defender is among the best options that are available. It's a highly effective way to defend yourself either from a law enforcement standpoint or as an individual, and it should be strongly considered as an effective form of defense that can be carried with you.

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