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Tactical Silver Twist Pen

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Tactical Silver Twist Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Tactical Silver Twist Pen with Glass Breaker Tip

Learning how to act in case of natural disasters or other types of emergency situations is very important. The Tactical Silver Twist Pen is a must-have in many survival situations. It can be used as a regular pen, but it is so much more than this.

You need to know what to do when caught inside a burning building or a crashed car. Sometimes, the simple act of breaking glass can make the difference between life and death. This is where a tactical pen multi-tool can help you stay alive. It is also an extremely effective self-defense weapon.

The tactical twist pen is the perfect tool to do arm locks, strikes, and blocks. If you are trapped inside a vehicle or a burning house, you can use its glass breaker to escape.

There are several good online videos you can watch should you want to see a powerful demonstration of this tactical pen. There are also training videos that can teach you how to use your tactical pen to break glass or to handle other types of emergencies.

This Tactical Silver Tactical Twist Pen and Glass Breaker is very compact. It offers a firm grip, thanks to its textured aluminum body, hence, enabling you to counteract a violent attack or to escape an emergency situation.

The pocket clip makes this pen tool very easy to carry. The glass breaking tip is going to serve you well in distress situations when you need to smash out windows.

An effective survival tool, it is also a smooth writing instrument at that. The retractable tip and the replaceable ink cartridge make this gadget the best tactical pen ever.

The Silver Twist Tactical Pen with Pocket Clip

If you have to face an attack on the street, you can use this Tactical Silver Twist Pen with glass breaker tip in many ways to deter your attacker.

You can use it to block and lock their arm, and then use the pointed glass breaker tip to stab the aggressor at their chest or at their face. You may likewise aim for their ribs or below the belt by swinging your pen weapon down low.

You can easily defend yourself, regardless of the size and strength of your opponent. The Tactical Silver Twist Pen can be a real lifesaver, so you should consider carrying one with you at all times, especially if you have to walk alone in the dark.

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