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High Definition Surveillance Systems

High Definition Surveillance Systems by IntelliSpy at

Not too long ago, the very latest and greatest surveillance systems delivered security camera footage that was blurry, grainy, and hard to decipher. That was back in the days of analog cameras and tape recording. Today, with digital HD technology, CCTV surveillance is a whole new game. Digital surveillance systems like the IntelliSpy High Definition Surveillance Systems that we offer provide unparalleled convenience and clarity. You\'ll be able to capture video with perfect details, and what\'s more, you\'ll be able to look at it anytime, from anywhere in the world.

1) High Definition 4 Channel Surveillance System with 1TB Hard Drive

This is the perfect starter package for monitoring homes and smaller businesses. Including four outstanding HD dome cameras and a versatile 4-channel DVR recorder, this kit has everything you need to dramatically boost your security fast. The DVR comes with a one terabyte hard drive. That gives you a recording capacity of five and a half days (132 hours) from all four cameras. Also included are all the power adapters and video cables necessary to get up and running. Installation is a breeze with basic DIY tools.

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2) High Definition 4 Channel Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive

As you can already tell from the name, this system is very similar to the one described above. It gives you the same great cameras, all of which are water-resistant for use indoors or outdoors. The added value here is an even more spacious hard drive attached to the four-channel DVR.

Two terabytes of storage space will allow you to keep roughly 11 full days of surveillance footages before you have to consider erasing anything. Installation here is just as easy as it is with the 1TB version. The included video cables are 100-feet long, giving you great flexibility in where you choose to place your cameras.

3) High Definition 8-Channel Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive

Need to keep a larger or more complex property under full surveillance? This eight-channel IntelliSpy security system will double your surveillance capabilities at a price that's still eminently affordable. With eight high-quality HD cameras feeding the DVR, the two terabyte drive can store a little more than five days of footage. Note that this can always be increased by setting the system's cameras to be motion-activated so that they don't record motionless periods.

This system features the usual accessories: power adapters for all eight cameras and a 100-foot HD video cable for each.

4) High Definition 8-Channel Surveillance System with 4TB Hard Drive

You can get the same tremendous versatility of an eight-channel, eight-camera setup with added storage capacity for just a little bit more money. With a full four terabytes of integrated storage space, the DVR on this system will store 10 full days of continuous footage from the system's cameras. Once again, motion activation can be employed to extend the length of time available on the hard drive even further.

The 8 dome cameras that come in this set feature plug and play installation, perfect for the busy consumer who wants to get up and running quickly. Note that like all of our IntelliSpy systems, this one includes a remote control for the DVR that allows you to change its settings with its on-screen menu.

5) High Definition 16-Channel Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive

The largest and most complex properties demand advanced surveillance assets if you're going to give them complete coverage. This is when you want to make use of the 16-channel IntelliSpy system. The two terabyte drive attached to this system's DVR will store two and a half days of footage if you set the cameras for continuous recording.

Like all of our IntelliSpy systems, this one's DVR comes out of the box ready for remote access. That means you can use any Internet- enabled device (desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.) to both review captured footage and look at live feeds from the system's cameras.

6) High Definition 16-Channel Surveillance System with 4TB Hard Drive

If you want more storage space in your 16-channel surveillance system, this is the choice for you. The mighty four-terabyte hard drive in this system's DVR will store 120 hours of footage (five full days) from 16 different cameras. Every frame will be captured in crisp, faultless 1080p HD resolution.