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Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras with High Definition & Night Vision

The owners of an office, a shop, a residence, plus more settings, would often plant extra for fortifying the place. And so they realize the worth of Dome Cameras and other types of security cameras in granting users with safety plus peace of being.

Here at Self Defense Products Florida, we furnish a swamp of security cameras and, among them, high-definition domes that all provide night vision. These domes are given robust housing, which is what shields them against wearing away plus defacement to add to ruthless weather.

It is those dome cases that fashion them so they are less unproblematic to conserve than stock CCTV cameras. Because of the housing, you would similarly devote far less time for laundering the lens.

Moreover, those dome cases mask the direction of the lens. Thus, the manifestation of eyes that are looking is way more omnipresent than the usual. By itself, that effect could frighten outlaws of every kind off.

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Perhaps, the managers are on a seminar out of town or the country. Or maybe, the parents or guardians are not anywhere near home. Nonetheless, you can bank on the right dome outdoor or indoor camera to apprehend troublemakers committing offenses.

Weatherproof Dome Security Cameras with Infrared LED Lights

Well so, dome security cameras are of various sorts for various circumstances in which you may require another group of eyes. And when it comes to night vision, the most dependable domes are the ones that supply infrared LED lights.

Each one of our domes on the site has such infrared light. Therefore, it is uncomplicated for them to expose transgressors in darkness. If you have a store or storeroom, and there is movement in there after closing, any of these domes can discover it.

We offer, for one, a 1080P HD Weather Proof Dome Camera with 60 Foot Night Vision, which is the IntelliSpy DC-AHD60-DN. While stuff are speedily moving in its field of vision, it doesn’t trail at all.

The completely HD equal of a 2.0 megapixel camera, it fine-tunes routinely to its environment’s ambient illumination. It possesses a 3.6mm Sony lens plus 24 pieces of IR LEDs. Its vandal-proof, high-level housing is apt to install on walls in addition to ceilings.

Another that we furnish is the IntelliSpy DC-AHD80-DN, a 1080P HD Weather Proof Dome Camera with 80 Foot Night Vision. Entirely HD, too, it holds 36 pieces of IR LEDs to add to a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens.

It modifies by design to the ambient lighting in its environs, is a match of 2.0 megapixel cameras, plus has no trailing if an item is traveling rapidly in its field of view. It provides a long-lasting, vandal-proof casing appropriate for installing on ceilings plus walls.

We supply correspondingly the HD Weather Proof Indoor/Outdoor Camera with 60 Feet Night Vision. It possesses a 1/2.8-inch Sony 2.1 megapixel Progressive Exmor™ CMOS image sensor plus 2D noise reductions & sense-up features.

This fully HD dome has a built-in 2.8-12mm ICR lens, 21 pieces of 5mm IR LEDs, plus tough, vandal-proof housing fitting for ceiling plus wall installations. It holds a weatherproof rating of IP66 and is dust-proof plus sheltered vs. water streaming from a spray.

HD Dome Surveillance Cameras for Walls & Ceilings

If a dome surveillance camera has a varifocal lens, then it can genuinely concentrate on the spot it guards from lawbreakers. A varifocal dome could genuinely protect mall shops, groceries, as well as neighborhood stores.

Apart from that, a vandal-proof dome that can be utilized outside is truly efficient when in communal zones in which almost everybody passes, like street crossings or also road junctures. While the zone might be poorly lit, it could be undemanding to view.

With the camera’s built-in infrared LEDs, it should reveal figures plus faces, which would else be difficult to observe since illumination is poor. Even if it transpires out there in the dead of night, brutality could be detailed in vibrant hues with a graphic picture.

Is there aggression, looting, sabotage, plus more modes of brutality in a road or street close to where you are? If the CCTV day/night cameras out there are weatherproof, too, then you could count on them all day, in every type of climate. Just on the main door of a residence, these can trap raiders, sex reprobates, plus more unwelcome guests.