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Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

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The Stun Master mobile charger flashlight stun gun is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton.

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Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

It is so important to have a way of protecting yourself, wherever you happen to go. You could be walking on the street, believing that everything is okay, only to realize that someone is trying to attack you. One of the best devices for attacking them back is the Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts.

There are several things that you can do, such as scream. However, it is better to have a weapon that you can use. Some people prefer not using guns but stun guns instead. This allows them to get to the thugs who are in close proximity.

However, this stun gadget will allow you to not only stun people, but you can wield it as a baton, a flashlight as well as a mobile charger, too. As a mobile charging device, it can charge cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers for you.

As a flashlight, it can become a conventional light that you can employ once it is gloomy or black out, or wherever it is. It can, moreover, be applied vs. a provoker, like ahead of stunning that provoker with the stunning tool.

The Stun Master 18,000,000 Volt Stun Tool

This is a unique flashlight that is able to double as a stun weapon. You can get 18 million volts of power. However, it is an electric current that is 4.6 milliamps. What that signifies is that it is a really energetic tool but still it isn’t deadly at all.

It can deliver quite a shocking blow. You can literally take even the largest individual out, within a split second, delivering a shocking amount of electricity into their body. Yet, with 4.6 mA on the stunner, these blows are always non-lethal.

Subsequently, while they are stunned, you can hit them with the barrel of the flashlight, using it as a baton. This shock gun is made of high-quality aluminum, the same type that is used for aircraft. That is how you could similarly use it as a club or baton.

This Stunning Mobile Charger Flashlight Is Rechargeable

Best of all, it's rechargeable. That means if you are going to use this, you can plug it into your USB charger just like you would a cell phone, and have it ready to go in no time at all. That’s apart from the Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts being a mobile charger itself.

It's only about 9 inches in length with a diameter of about 1.5 inches. It comes with a lifetime warranty. This will make it possible for you to save as much money as possible plus get the absolute best form of defense in the form of electricity and a weapon that you can wield.

Is This the Perfect Size?

There are some people who wonder if this is the perfect size for this type of weapon. It really depends on what you are looking for. Some people prefer things that hang on their wrist, making these easy to access.

Others would prefer using one that is quite large, like this flashlight, because it makes them feel like they have more power to defend themselves with. Once you have used it once or twice, you will see how effective it is in keeping aggressors away even if they are larger than you.

Is It Light in Weight?

Despite its large size in comparison to a typical stun gadget, it's very light because of the aircraft aluminum that is used. That's also what makes it a formidable weapon because of how strong the material is despite having a much lighter weight than a typical cast-iron flashlight that you might own.

It's better to have it lightweight simply because it will be easier for you to wield if you need to use it in that way. However, most of the time, the electroshock aspect of this flashlight is all that matters when you are trying to defend yourself against those violent people.

Once you have done the research, you will probably see that the Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts is exactly what you need. If you are ever in a situation where you need to defend yourself, it will save you in that moment where you need to act immediately.

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