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Stun Master 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight

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Blind, Buzz and Bash! Introducing the all new Stun Master Bad Ass!

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Stun Master 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight

If you think that you would be better off with an extremely large stun weapon, you definitely need to consider purchasing the Stun Master 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight. It's not only a stun gun, but something that is so large, it can act as a secondary backup when it comes to defending yourself.

It works in three different ways. Not only does it deliver voltage, but it can be used to hit the assailant and potentially blind them momentarily. That's a great combination, and it is an exceptional stun tool in many ways.

The Power of the Stun Gun

What is so great about the stun technology today is that it has the ability to protect people for a much lower price. In the beginning, when these devices first came out, they were initially just for police officers who are protecting the general public.

After they became more popular, demand began to rise, and factories were able to produce these out at a very cheap cost. However, they are made with the best technology, delivering quite a shock for anyone who comes up against these must-have devices.

Why a Larger Stun Weapon Is More Useful

Part of the reason for obtaining a smaller stun gadget is that it would be easier to carry around. If you have seen many of the popular ones, they fit very nicely in a handbag. It is truly convenient to have this ability.

On the other hand, though, you might be going into certain areas where you simply need to have something larger. If that is the case, this particular stunner is going to provide you with a multitude of ways to attack back when an assailant is coming at you.

The Stun Master Bad Ass Metal Flashlight Stun Baton

This particular stun baton has a lot going for it. First of all, it can deliver 20 million volts in one blast. That should be enough to take anyone down, and it probably will, but you do have the possibility of a backup plan.

It is so important to use this with all of its options. You can strike your assailant, blind them momentarily, and then strike them again. However, because it does deliver 4.9 mA with fully charged batteries, that will probably take care of the situation.

Is It Difficult to Bring with You?

Admittedly, the Stun Master 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight is quite large by most stun device standards. It's not going to fit very comfortably, if at all, in a small purse. It is simply one of those items that you will choose to bring with you if you happen to be going out at night.

It is always recommended that you go with friends but, as you are walking around in the evening hours, it could be the one thing that saves you from an unwanted attack. It does come with a cord that you can wrap around your wrist. You could probably tie that around your belt as well, allowing it to hang freely, so you could use it when you need to.

It is important to realize that this is designed for very specific activities. You would not bring it with you to a nightclub. It is, however, one of the best stun guns that you will ever own when you are out late at night and you want to have maximum available protection.

The ability to feel confident when you are walking alone really comes down to how confident you are by yourself. Your confidence can be shaken if you have nothing to protect yourself with. That is definitely not going to be the case when you have the Stun Master 20 Million Volt Bad Ass Metal Stun Baton and Flashlight with you.

It is designed to be large, easy to wield, and great to have whether you are traveling alone or in a group. With its batteries being fully charged, you will know that you can take down virtually anyone.

Place your order long before going out with friends to an evening event. People might think you simply have a flashlight. They will be in for a rude awakening once you unleash the power of this Bad Ass stun baton.

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