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Trigger Stun Guns

Get from the Trigger Stun Guns of Safety Technology

When you\'re looking for a way to protect yourself, you will want to find the ideal method. Trigger Stun Guns that you can get from Safety Technology are ideal choices. They come with a flashlight and are considered some of the best that are available these days. You can protect yourself from a would-be assailant and feel confident that you can get away. Stun guns are by and far among the best means of personal protection on the market today.

One reason that a Trigger Stun Gun is such an advantage is that it is so powerful. Every model has up to 18,000,000 volts and 4.6 milliamps. It is easy to use against any assailant. It can give you an opportunity to get away without putting yourself in harm’s way. Then, when you\'ve escaped, you can call the proper authorities. This powerful personal protection device may just save your life. You\'ll be glad that you bought it.

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In addition to all of that power, you'll also have a brilliantly lit flashlight. With 100 lumens, you'll be able to see who is lurking in the shadows and know whether or not you need to use your stun gun. This is an ideal investment for anyone to have.

The unique Trigger Stun Gun is just that - a trigger deploys the stun gun and you can easily operate it, thanks to the trigger design. It's easy for you to use on your own terms and save yourself if you need to. You'll feel safe when you have this in your purse or pocket.

Trigger Stun Gun Includes Flashlight and Disable Pin

The Safety Technology Trigger Stun Guns are readily available in a variety of colors and styles. From Zebra to Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Green, and Red, they are all fully functional. You can choose the one that suits your own personality. Their small size means they are easy to fit in your hand and hide. Out of sight is out of mind, and assailants would find out that just because they didn't see a personal protection device didn't mean that the person didn't have one on hand.

Additionally, the flashlight helps to keep you focused on what is going on around you. You'll also appreciate the disable pin attached to the wrist strap. You can keep it from being used against you by simply removing the pin if the stun gun is ever grabbed out of your hand. They won't be able to use it against you if you pull the pin. With a flashlight and a disable pin, you're sure to be safer.

The Trigger Stun Guns are suitable for college students, those who work at night, and teens. Sadly, the statistics of rape and sexual assault on college freshmen is astronomical. This is an ideal gift for your daughter when she goes away to college.

Each Trigger Stun Gun has a lifetime warranty. If you ever have to replace yours, they will restore it for you with this warranty. You can rest assured that the company stands behind its products and will offer you everything that they can to make the deal right.

No one should have to be afraid to go out of their own home. Learn how easy it is to use a stun gun and you'll not only feel safer, you'll be safer. It has never been easier than before, and you will have a dependable personal protection device when you get a Trigger Stun Gun. This non-lethal form of personal protection can help you to be more secure wherever you are. The flashlight will give you plenty of lumens to see everything that is going on around you even in the dark. You'll be able to protect yourself and your friends when you have one of these on your hand or in your pocket or purse.

Once you've bought your Trigger Stun Gun, take some time to get familiar with it and learn how it deploys. Focus on how easy it is to carry with you and how to use it. Keep it charged regularly. Always be prepared. A stun gun will get the job done. Check out our website and let us show you how easy it is to protect yourself today. You'll appreciate the quality of our Trigger Stun Guns.