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TASER X26P with Live Cartridges and Practice Target

The TASER X26P has a super-effective power magazines featuring a laser, an LED light, a battery pack, two live cartridges, and a target for practice. In addition to the outstanding features, its power magazine provides a user with an efficient take-down power using electro-muscular disruption (EMD) and shaped-pulse technology. Using this technology, the X26P is able to temporarily override an individual\'s central nervous system, causing limited muscle control. It is very useful when facing aggressive individuals or those who are under the influence of mind-altering substances.

When compared to the Taser X26E, the X26P is both more effective and safer, taking into account the safety of the user with improvements in design, charge metering, and diagnostics. This newer version has more efficient law enforcement technology improved both inside and out.

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What Are the Features of the TASER X26P?

One very beneficial feature of the Taser X26P is its compact size. It is the smallest smart weapon and presents with an ergonomically designed handle to increase convenience. Size does not influence strength as this device is one of the strongest taking down attackers of the most aggressive nature.

Similar in many ways to its predecessor, the X26P is a single-shot weapon which does not require the replacement of inventories related to its cartridges.

How Does This Taser’s Performance Power Magazine Work?

The Taser X26P ECD has been described as a form of software-upgradeable weapon created by TASER International, Inc. It is a law enforcement weapon that makes use of replaceable cartridges containing compressed nitrogen. The compressed nitrogen travels to the deployed probes, which are insulated in conductive wire and attached to the cartridge. Cartridges are available in a plethora of lengths ranging from 4.6 meters to 7.6 meters. Any cartridge exceeding the length of 4.6 meters is typically used by law enforcement or the armed forces.

Even without deployed the darts, the TASER X26P is able to stun individuals when placed in the 'drive stun' mode. This is due to the fact that the featured laser, LED lights, and PPM support the electrodes to operate despite the electrode being separated from the dart. The average life expectancy of the X26P is approximately five years.

What Is Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation or NMI?

Taser technology is designed in a way that it utilizes electrical impulses to stimulate motor and sensory nerves in a similar fashion to the human nervous system. Neuro-muscular incapacitation, also known as NMI, occurs when the Taser causes involuntary stimulation to the sensory and motor nerves, causing unwanted sensory reaction. The device does not operate on pain, nor does it depend on a level of pain to incapacitate an individual; therefore, it can be effectively used on subjects possessing increased levels of pain tolerance.

Stun guns have historically only had an effect on sensory nerves, resulting in compliance to pain; therefore, individuals with extremely high pain tolerance thresholds would not feel the effects and no result would be achieved. For example, focused or trained fighters, individuals in major psychological distress, or subjects under the influence of mind-altering substances would be immune to specific forms of pain and will have the ability to fight the effects of any traditional stun gun.

What Is the Electrical Theory of the TASER X26P?

The electrical theory of the Taser X26P states that electricity must flow freely between the two probes of the device in order to create any electrical charges. An effective flow along this path will likely present little resistance between the two probes. In addition, the longer and/or wider the spread of the flow between the probes, the greater the effect of the X26P on the individual.

Of course, electricity will not pass from one subject to another if the first subject is in contact with the second subject (let us say the second subject is the target). It is only if a direct contact is made between the probes and the individual during the process of an electrical flow.

It is important to note that if the individual is emerged in or exposed to water, the device will not cause electrocution nor will the electrical charge passed through the subject increase. This is due to the fact that the charge inside the Taser X26P is set at a fixed rate and will not increase irrespective of changes in the environment.