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TASER Pulse with Holster, LED, Laser, Live Cartridges

If you are searching for a weapon to carry along with you as a means of protection, then one of the most effective is the TASER Pulse. This subcompact device can be easily concealed while still delivering the same stunning power as the devices used by law enforcement. It can hit an attacker heading towards you at up to 15 feet away and will immobilize them for a maximum length of 30 seconds, allowing you time to slip away. The Taser Pulse features a laser, a LED light, two live cartridges, a lithium power magazine, a practice target, and a soft holster.

What Exactly Are Tasers?

The Taser is a unique device developed in the 1960s by NASA researcher Jack Cover. Since the 1960s, it has undergone several alterations, resulting in the small defensive weapons we have today. The primary purpose of the Taser is to protect an individual by sending out small darts similar to electrodes propelled by compressed nitrogen charges at a high-speed pace. The shooting range is from 15 feet to 35 feet; however, those devices registering beyond 15 feet are used exclusively by law enforcement and the armed forces.

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In addition to the projectile darts, the Taser is a stunning device with a drive stun function. The stunning function is accessed when the electrodes are adjacent to the attacker. This operation is known as electro-muscular disruption or EMD and can cause a significant amount of pain to the subject.

What Are the Reasons to Own a Taser?

It is an ideal option for all individuals who are uncomfortable owning and shooting guns. The Taser is a pleasant alternation and can provide males and females with a certain degree of protection when being assaulted. While it is a non-lethal weapon, the appearance does resemble the lethal gun, which may dissuade any attackers from approaching you solely upon this basis. One of the most popular Tasers currently available due to its appearance and operative effectiveness is the Pulse. It presents with a laser and an LED, which increases accuracy of use for those who are unsure of shooting and when using the device in the evening.

What Is the TASER Pulse with Laser and LED?

There are various types of Tasers available for purchase; however the TASER Pulse has been noted as one of the most beneficial due to its numerous features. The subcompact design means you are able to carry it in a purse or pocket without any other individuals being aware of its existence. It has an intuitive interface with safeties and angled iron sites increasing its security measures. The advanced target acquisition feature, as well as a powerful LED flashlight, increases levels of accuracy, allowing you to locate the attacker while you are aiming at the target.

The Pulse is a battery-powered device using standard replaceable batteries and has provide a total of 50 discharges before the batteries need to be replaced. The average length of discharge is 30 seconds, allowing you to slip away while the attacker is down. As long as you are within 15 feet of the individual, you will be able to effectively stun them. Holsters, training cartridges, and more are available when purchasing the Pulse.

What Is the Cost of the TASER Pulse?

The Taser Pulse is available at the reasonable and quite affordable price of $500; furthermore, when you purchase one, it will include the device, two live cartridges, the lithium power magazine battery pack, and a soft holster. It is due to the lithium power magazine that the discharges are so highly effective. Of course, it is possible to locate a Taser Pulse at a less costly price but you will need to conduct a search for this.

As can be seen, the additions to the original price of $500 make the TASER Pulse purchase a true bargain; however, it is the Taser alone that can be viewed as a long-term investment even without the added extras. By purchasing this weapon, you will easily be able to protect yourself from criminals and avoid being a victim. If you are walking alone during the night or if you are in the comfort of your home and an individual enters, threatening your life, it will be easy to take them down in seconds using the Pulse.