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TASER Bolt with Holster, Live Cartridges and Target

Walking around alone is a bit frightening for many people, but they may feel a bit better if they have a method of defense against any attacker. Tasers are important accessories that people can use as a way to protect themselves. All kinds of people use Tasers for protection, including police officers who are trying to restrain a person without shooting them. Anyone who is worried about their own safety should consider buying the Taser Bolt because of its amazing features. It comes equipped with a laser, a LED light, a soft holster, two live cartridges, a lithium power magazine, and one target for practice.

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What Makes the Taser a Great Means of Protection?

When applied to an individual’s skin, a Taser will rapidly electrocute that person. It may even be possible to electrocute someone who is standing several feet away. It is ideal to be able to tase someone from a distance just in case you need to keep them from getting any closer, especially if you notice they have a knife or other weapon in their hands.

Even though it is ideal to use a Taser from a distance to cause an electrical shock to a potential attacker, it is still possible to use it directly on a person within an extremely close distance by using the stun feature. If you find yourself in the hands of an attacker who is trying to pin you down or rob you of your belongings, you could quickly pull this item out, place it directly on them, and rapidly press down on the button to immediately send an electrical shock through their body.

Why Is the Taser Bolt a Great Choice?

If you have ever watched an episode of Cops, you may have already noticed police officers often need to use Tasers to control a person who is acting out and is a danger to themselves or other people in the surrounding area. The Taser Bolt is a product that is just as strong as what the police officers are using, which means it is an extremely reliable method of protection. You can hit a person with an electrical shock from a distance of 15 feet. Most importantly, you can use it on them whether they are close to you or far away from you.

Once you strike the person once, you can leave it on and it will continue to send a shock through their body. In the meantime, you can attempt to run away and get help so that you are no longer stuck in the arms of an attacker who wants to harm you. One of the greatest things about using a device like this one to defend yourself is that you can cause pain to someone without the risk of ending their life. The pain may only be temporary for them, but it will last long enough to help you escape.

You can place the TASER Bolt in your purse or bag and take it with you wherever you plan on going. You can even place it in the holster and wear it around your waist for added protection if you feel like you would waste too much time reaching in your purse to pull it out during an emergency. The LED light attached to the weapon allows you to see the target in front of you before you attempt to shock them as a way to save yourself from a dangerous situation.

Many people feel more comfortable stepping outside at night when they have this Taser device on them. If you decide to invest in one, you will not have to worry so much about traveling alone or heading out at night, even in neighborhoods that are a bit questionable. Although no one wants to deal with an attacker, you can never predict what will happen, so it is definitely better to play it safe by carrying the Taser Bolt around with you.

You can get this product, the TASER Bolt, at an affordable rate. It is worth any money you will need to spend because it could save your life during dangerous situations. If you are ready to buy it, simply check out the site where you can easily order it and have it delivered straight to your home.