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Stun Gun Holsters

Stun Gun Holsters for Multiple Electric Shock Devices

Among the most reliable weapons are stun weapons. Unlike guns and knives, these are not deadly. Correspondingly, there are multiples of them, from pink stunning tools to flashlight stun gadgets. We also have Stun Gun Holsters for all of them.

Here at Self Defense Products Florida, there are a host of holsters and cases for all of our stun weapons and even for those stunning tools outside that we don’t have. These do not even include yet the Taser holsters and cases that we provide, too.

The holsters and cases that we have are in the colors Black, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Red and more. There are likewise those in Animal, Zebra, Snake, Flower, Camouflage, plus other prints. These are mostly leatherette as well as nylon make.

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We offer, for instance, those holders for the Trigger stun devices from Safety Technology. These have 18 million volts of power with 4.6 mA of current. Every one of them has a 100-lumen built-in flashlight and, most of all, a unique trigger.

Similarly, there are cases for the Stun Master electric guns. Some of these are the Rechargeable Stun Lipsticks with 3 million volts, 4.2 mA, plus a flashlight; the 9 million volts with a flashlight, the Multi-Function Stun Master; the Mobile Charger with 18 million volts plus a flashlight; the Covert Stun Master with a flashlight; and numerous more.

An Assortment of Holsters & Cases for Stunning Tools

At our Website, we holster as well the Li’l Guy stunners. These include the ones that have power for 12 million volts, current for 4.4 mA, plus a flashlight. There is also the Rechargeable Li’l Guy with 20 million volts, 4.2 mA, plus a flashlight.

There are correspondingly the holders for the Zap stun gadgets. These are the Blast Knuckles Extreme with 950,000 volts; the Knuckle Blaster with 950,000 volts, too; the Hike n’ Strike Stun Walking Cane with 950,000 volts plus a LED flashlight; the Stun Cane With Flashlight that has 1 million volts; and the Double Trouble that has 1.2 million volts.

We supply cases likewise for Pink Stun Guns. These include ones from Stun Master that have 12 million volts plus a flashlight; 3 million volts with a flashlight; and 12 million volts that are batons. As well, there are the pink Runt with 20 million volts plus a flashlight; Slider with 12 million volts plus a flashlight; Trigger with 18 million volts; and Pretender with 4.5 million volts.

There are holsters, too, for the Stun Master Stun Batons. Some of these are the Bad Ass with 20 million volts, 4.9 mA, plus a 120-lumen flashlight; the Rechargeable with 12 million volts plus a 3-mode flashlight (three kinds); and the Mini Badass with 15 million volts, 4.7 mA, plus a flashlight. These batons are made from high-quality aircraft aluminum.

Holders are available similarly for the Cell Phone stunning tools. These include the ST-CELL with 12 million volts of power, 4.9 mA of current, plus an 80-lumen flashlight; as well as the Regular and the Rechargeable Pretender that each affords 4.5 million volts plus a 12-LED flashlight.

Cases can correspondingly be had for the Runt stun devices. Every one of these rechargeable devices has power for 20 million volts, current for 4.5 mA, a LED flashlight, plus a wrist strap with disable pin.

Diverse Holders for All Types of Stun Weapon

The site furnishes holsters likewise for the Flashlight stun weapons. Some of these are the Safety Technology Shorty that has a 120-lumen flashlight, 15 million volts, plus 4.7 mA; the Camouflage BashLite with a 120-lumen flashlight, 15 million volts, plus 4.7 mA; the BashLite that has a 120-lumen flashlight, 15 million volts, plus 4.7 mA; and the Gold Zoomable with a 180-lumen flashlight, 18 million volts, plus 4.8 mA. However, there are a load more!

We present holsters as well to the Slider stunning tools. Each of these gives 10 million volts of power plus 4.9 mA of current. Every one of them is rechargeable and has a white-LED flashlight, too.

All of these holders could be had for all types of stun weapons. These weapons encumber assailants and looters yet in an effective non-lethal manner. They do not murder but only bring those people to a halt. They paralyze any goon during contact. Correspondingly, they put their body in pain and incapacitation for several minutes.