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Cell Phone Stun Guns

Cell Phone Stun Guns for Refuge against Threats

If you want to protect yourself from brutality, you could do it safely with any of the suitable stunning tools. They are unlike firearms, which can injure and kill. Appropriate examples are the Cell Phone Stun Guns, which are stun gadgets that unquestionably look like cellular phones.

Due to their disguised as cell phones, these electric shockers afford the element of surprise on their side. Presupposing that you are only rummaging for such a phone, a provoker would not wait to be stunned by what you are about to be holding.

In that manner, when you do shock them, they won’t begin to know until it is too late. By that time, the electric shock would have already affected their body even if they have loads of layers of clothing on them.

Their body would have been paralyzed for the temporary period that it has contact with the stunning tool. By the same token, the provoker would have to be in pain and experience a loss of equilibrium, all for 20 to 50 minutes.

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Stun devices are non-lethal yet controlling devices. Any good one will jolt the human body with a high voltage of power. Nevertheless, this is managed with low amperage. So, there will be no severe physical impairment to the antagonist.

Otherwise, the stun gadget will interrupt the conditions of the electrical current going to the nervous system. This will bewilder your antagonist plus it is going to impair motor control throughout their body.

Different Cell Phone Stun Devices to Plump for

We offer the 12 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun on It is uncomplicated to use yet testing to identify as a stunner. Having a thickness of only half an inch, it can stay undetected in your palm, on a pocket or on your purse.

Even with 12,000,000 volts of electrifying might, it supplies current of only 4.9 mA. By its nature, it can only stun an aggressor (and stun them, it will) but not be able to injure or annihilate them.

This ST-CELL smart stunning tool is likewise endowed with a vivid LED flashlight that has 80 lumens. Apart from being a regular flashlight, its light can even be utilized versus the aggressor. The purchase includes a carrying case plus a wall charger.

There is correspondingly the Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gadget with 4.5 Million Volt in Black and Pink. Since it has been patterned after a standard camera phone, hoodlums would even want to have it. They won’t be aware that it can shock them electrically.

Only 3.8 inches long, it is able to be unnoticed even in your hand or small bag. It operates with an intense 12 LED flashlight that can be used ordinarily or to halt a hoodlum. There is a free holster plus even the three CR2 batteries are included for free as well.

Two levels of safety have been built into this stunning tool in order to foil any unintended expulsion. First, the safety toggle has to be in the “on” position, which will let a LED warning light on. Second, the trigger button must be pushed so the unit will run.

Stun Cell Phone Gadgets during Brawls vs. Hoodlums

And then we furnish on the Website the Rechargeable Pretender Stun Cell Phone. It has 4.5 Million Volts and comes in Black and Pink, too. Most of its features are like those of the first Pretender stun gadget although this one can be recharged.

The stunner would be invisible to any convict because it is going to seem as though you are only carting the usual cellular phone. Similarly, there are two degrees of safety controls built into it plus a free holster comes with your purchase.

Both Pretenders are given a lifetime warranty and 4.5 mA of current to keep them non-lethal even if forceful. This rechargeable model has a super-bright built-in 6 LED flashlight plus it has a built-in rechargeable battery and an integrated charger.

These disguised stun gadgets are likewise stun flashlights. The convict will be unseeing for a turn. Unlike in the movies, stun weapons are not costly in real life. In fact, they are within your means. You can, given a little investment, carry a furtive device for personal defense. Any criminal would never guess that you are game for them.