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Pink Stun Guns

Pink Stun Guns for All Women against Assailants

Abuse, rape, and senseless violence against women are notorious crimes all over America. However, a lot of the instances could have been nipped in the bud. The ladies could defend themselves, for example, with Pink Stun Guns.

Although there are various types of stun gadgets, any woman should be given one that is small, unobtrusive, and used simply. Several stunners like this for women have a pink color. These may be hot, baby, fuchsia, girly, old rose or others but they are all pink.

For females, any small item that looks like a toiletry or make-up and is pink in color would not be supposed as a tool for protection. That is why numerous stun gadgets for the ladies seem like lipsticks or cell phones and are endowed with colors like pink.

Since most of these pink devices don’t look like stunning tools, they can dupe lawbreakers. This permits any woman to shoot by surprise. An assailant would not know until or after they have been stunned what has just happened.

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5 Item(s)

Grid  List has the Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Pink. This stun device from Safety Technology is afforded with 4.8 mA of current plus an intense flashlight. Correspondingly, it has a unique trigger design and a wrist strap with disable pin.

We likewise have the RUNT 20,000,000 Volt Pink With Flashlight and Wrist Strap Disable Pin. With one of the highest voltage around, it can hurt even an enemy who has thicker clothing than most other people. Still, it is small and can fit in almost every pocket.

And then, there is the Pink 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Lipstick With Flashlight from Stun Master. Looking like a tube of lipstick, it is truly effortless to hide in a lady’s tiny bag. It is also swift to use to shock any goon’s neck, abdomen or groin.

Similarly, we boast the Li’l Guy 12,000,000 Volt Pink With Flashlight And Nylon Holster. Another one from Stun Master, it is genuinely little and able to be concealed in one’s hand or pocket. Its bright flashlight can blind any villain momentarily until you could stun them.

Lipstick, Cell Phone and More Pink Stun Devices

Stun weapons are totally potent. With a good amount of voltage and current, these can thwack attackers out cold straight away. Any lawbreaker would have paralysis during contact plus pain and imbalance for under an hour.

Females would do very well with small stun guns. Any one of them would slip nicely in a lady’s powder pouch or handbag. Anybody who is seeking to assault you would not detect your mini stun gun up ‘til it is too late.

Countless of them are stun flashlights, too. Assailants would be sightless for a time with these gadgets. These can help females see where they ought to smack if they are being assaulted in shadowy backstreets and passages.

On the Website as well is the Slider 10 Million Volt Pink With Flashlight. It has a current of 4.9 mA charger and a speedy charger that is also a mini-USB port. This stunning tool could be kept unnoticeably in the palm of your hand.

Correspondingly from Stun Master is the 12 Million Volt Stun Baton in Pink. A rechargeable stun gadget, it presents a vivid flashlight that has three functions: high beam, low beam, and strobe. There is a rubberized coating plus a wrist strap with disable pin.

We similarly have the Pretender Stun Cell Phone 4.5 Million Volt in Pink. It has been designed so that it looks like a regular camera phone. Since goons would not shy away from a cell phone, they may even strive for yours, not knowing that this one can stun them.

Last of all is the Rechargeable Pink Pretender Stun Cell Phone With 4.5 Million Volts. It is exactly like the first Pretender stunner except that it can be recharged. In that case, it is not really a phone or a camera yet seems like it.

After all of those, you would even be glad to find out that pink is a safe color for a stun device. It is not frequently correlated to self-defense. You will be much more secure, too, if it is a small stunner or camouflaged as a lipstick or a cell phone.

And if you are wanting to work from home, you could buy these pink stun guns in bulk and then resell them.