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Li'l Guy Stun Guns

Li’l Guy Stun Guns

Truly popular these days are the stun flashlight. Consumers of these sorts avail of them in all the looks and colors to be had. On that note, the Li’l Guy Stun Guns with a flashlight plus a nylon holster are among the most reliable there are on the market.

These devices from Stun Master have several million volts each for immobilizing a wrongdoer. One of these could put them out of action even while they are in the middle of striking you or anybody else who is close to you.

Unlike guns and knives, which are deadly weapons, all stun gadgets are non-lethal. Even if you pressed one onto the body of the accoster, they would not be injured and they would not die, either.

What would happen, though, is that the stunner would have the ability to offload an electric shock onto their body. This would bring about pain plus imbalance to the accoster. Similarly, they would be motionless for some 20 to 45 minutes.

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While the wrongdoer is at a standstill for all of those minutes, you would be able to rush away. You should be able to take off to someplace that is more secure, where the accoster won’t follow you. In that safer place, you could ask for help, specifically from the authorities.

Our first stunning tool on this page is the Stun Master Li'l Guy 12,000,000 Volts Stun Gun With Flashlight And Nylon Holster. It is available in the colors Purple, Blue, Black, Red, Green, and Pink, plus the Snake Skin and Flower prints.

Although with a competence of 12 million volts, this gadget also boasts 4.4 milliamps of current. In that way, any outlaw can be scared and stunned like nothing else. However, the assailed and even the assailant would not be injured or killed in the process.

Every one of these stunners has a high voltage yet also a low amperage. Likewise, it is afforded a safety switch. So, neither you nor anybody else apart from the outlaw would accidentally get shocked because of its electric current.

As well, each one of these stun devices is presented with a super-bright LED flashlight built into it. This will be weighty to possess in any gloomy sidewalk or shady alley. Aside from that, the flashlight could be used to illuminate the face of the assailant.

Other than those, you could already carry this stunning tool in its own nylon holster, which it comes with. Or if you want, you could procure a lovely leatherette holster from our Website to match the color or print of your weapon.

It is a little stun gun that you would be able to transport in your hand, pocket, small bag or backpack. Thus, whenever and wherever it is, you should be able to aid yourself if there are raiders or aggressors in your midst.

Our second stunner on this page is the Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With Flashlight. Only in the Black color, it is similarly granted a free nylon holster. Otherwise, you would be able to supply it with a leatherette holster of your choice from here at

With power for 12,000,000 volts plus current for 4.2 milliamps, it offers a high voltage but low amperage, too. In addition, a very bright LED light that has 120 lumens is built into it. Like with the first device, this will be worth it in dimly lit places and against malefactors.

Another little stunning tool that could be carried in the hand, pocket, or bag, it has a built-in retractable charger. Its forceful prongs will not smash, plus its rubberized coating is there for a non-sliding clasp.

Any of the stun weapons on this page is great for a man or woman to have and use. In fact, some of them are genuinely made for the ladies, such as the flower print or the pink, purple or red hue. These are easy for small hands to grip, are handy for females to keep on their pockets, and can be placed inside handheld evening purses.

All of these Li’l Guy gadgets from Stun Master come with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. You could buy more than one to give as gifts to your family and friends. If so, you should purchase them wholesale at bulk prices here on