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The SolarPack is ultra-compact yet a powerful solar panel that enables you to charge your portable devices directly from its USB and 12-volt DC charging ports.

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SolarPack Super-Compact and Ultra-Powerful Solar Panel

The SolarPack solar panel is a creative device allowing you to charge more than one of your devices at a time from the USB port. It features a 12 volt DC charging port that you can use. The SolarPack is lightweight, compact, and very easy to charge. All you have to do is expose it to the sun for six hours and you're all set to go.

It comes with a built-in smart chip that allows you the option of charging DC as well as your USB devices all in one little setup. You're sure to appreciate the smart chip it uses as well. It sets up to charge automatically once you place the device directly into the sun. It is very effective with solar technology and offers 12 watts as well as dual panels so that you have an extended source of power.

To make it even better, it folds easily into a lightweight and small case that is portable. That makes it perfect for RVs, camping, skiing, and hiking. You can always carry it with you. It won't take up a lot of space and is light enough that you won't' feel like you're lugging a huge tank around. Simply put it into your backpack and don't stress over it.

It's cleverly designed so that you can charge all of your devices quickly. You'll be able to stay connected and won't have to stress over your camera or cell phone running out of a charge. It's also waterproof, and you won't worry about rain or snow because the package keeps it neat and safe. You can find it with a portable charger PowerPack, which is sold separately on the website.

Special Features: 12 watts of solar power • charges in 2 hours • lightweight and foldable • carry pouch • rugged design • waterproof

Benefits of Solar Technology

If you, like many of us, are trying to save on your electrical bill, this is the ticket. You can save on your electrical bill and use this SolarPack to charge your devices. It's quick and easy, and they are estimated to last for about 10 to 30 years, depending on how often used.

Solar power doesn't pollute the air. You can see that it has photovoltaic cells, and solar technology is free. You can simply turn the sun into your power source. It doesn't get much freer than that.

It is very lightweight so you can take it anywhere you go. It is ideal for backpackers and hikers as well as RVs and camping. There won’t be any noise so you won't have to listen to that annoying hum or hiss while things are charging. You won't disturb the wildlife or the neighbors with a loud generator when you use this SolarPack charger.

It is very durable as well so you won't have to worry if you accidently bump it or drop it. The SolarPack is designed for rugged use so you can expose it to moisture and even being dropped, and it will still work. Its dual panels allow you to get even more power. Super-compact and ultra-powerful, it is a great investment.

 Features: 12 watts of solar power, charge most devices in 2 hours, lightweight foldable rugged design, convenient carrying pouch to store your devices or connector cords, waterproof, output: 5V/10W & 12V/10W, optimal operating temperature: 0-120 F, use solar power with USB or 12V devices.

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