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Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun 15,000,000 volts

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Safety Technology Shorty 15,000,000 volt Stun Gun with Flashlight.

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Benefits of Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun 15,000,000 Volts

If you're looking for the perfect stun tool flashlight, you may be interested in the Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun 15,000,000 Volts. With a ton of benefits against thugs of every sort, this powerful yet non-lethal gadget is the ideal choice.

You'll have a sleekly designed device that works well to light your way as well as if you need some personal protection. The shock gun packs 15,000,000 volts of power to stop a would-be aggressor in their tracks.

However, what mitigates those 15 million volts is 4.7 mA of electrical current. With these 4.7 milliamps, it can cease the aggression in 5 to 40 minutes, but the stunning weapon won’t be able to injure or slaughter the thug.

It comes complete with a holster plus a wrist strap/lanyard, and it has an easy switch for turning the stunner on and off. Measuring a mere 7.5" by 1 7/8", it's sleek and compact enough to keep in your glove box, purse, briefcase, pocket, desk, house, or camping gear.

The flashlight packs 120 lumens of light. That is enough to light up your campsite and more. It is ideal if you're walking out of doors at night or if you're working the night crew and need to walk to and from your car in an effort to get to or from your job.

Moreover, this flashlight can obstruct the crook by shining a blinding light on them for just a bit. That could then be the period when you give the crook an electric shock while they can’t see what is going on.

If you've been looking for the ideal personal protection product, you may find that this is it. Convenient and easy to carry, economical, and readily available on our Website, this model has a load of unique features that you're sure to appreciate.

The 15 Million Volt Shorty Stun Device Flashlight

Made of quality aircraft-grade aluminum, it can also be used as a baton. As a club or baton, the Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun 15,000,000 Volts can likewise become a hitting gadget aside from it being a shock gun plus a flashlight.

Boasting a lifetime warranty, all of that makes it the ideal 3-in-1 tool for any person. Everyone should own at least one of these. Young and old alike will be able to use it without having to worry about their safety.

While a would-be assailant is recovering from the electric shock that your stunner has delivered, you'll have at least 5 to 40 minutes in which to make your escape. That is plenty of time to make it out of there.

You can send back the authorities to pick the assailant up. It's never been easier to protect yourself. The lanyard/wrist strap is ideal for holding around your wrist so that you don't drop it in the ensuing melee.

It's important to keep in mind that stun weapons are illegal to have or use in just a few states, so always ensure that you're in compliance with all of your local regulations. It's also important to note that you must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to purchase one of these.

Since the unit is completely rechargeable, you won't have to worry about buying batteries and replacing them. Simply plug it in using any receptacle and you're good to go. You'll be glad that you chose such a great personal safety product, and your family will be grateful that you're OK.

As a matter of fact, this electric gun is ideal as a gift for anyone who works nights, jogs, camps, hikes, or does anything on their own. Young and old alike will greatly benefit from this non-lethal form of personal protection.

Crooks won't think it is anything more than a flashlight. They will be shocked and surprised when they find out that not only is this a flashlight but it's also a great baton with which you can whack them over the head as well as a stun tool.

Always practice using your device before you need it. The Shorty Flashlight Stun Gun 15,000,000 Volts is easy to use and deploy. Just switch the unit on and you're ready to go. Should someone need it, you just touch the stun gadget portion to their body through their clothing.

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