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Credit Card Foldable Knife

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Credit Card Knife has the edge on subtle personal safety!

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Credit Card Foldable Knife: What You Probably Didn't Know

A survival kit is one of the most essential tools that can define between life and death. With the right tool, you could be able to defend yourself against an assailant or use the tool to get through an accident, especially while hiking or camping. The Credit Card Foldable Knife could be that one essential tool that makes the difference in your life.

A credit card folding wallet pocket knife is designed to be portable, which means you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere. The safety technology on this tool makes it possible to keep it in a back pocket or your survival pack.

The first thing you will notice with this knife is that it can be mistaken for a credit card. The properly folded flat surface also makes it possible to put it in your purse, coat, or back pocket easily without any risk.

Most people prefer varying the foldable credit card knife in their wallets for it is easier to reach there. With the knife having the same resemblance as a credit card, your assailant will most probably mistake it for one, which gives you the advantage of surprise.

In addition to being a handy self-defense tool, the folding knife can be used for building helpful tools while camping, like build shelter as well as cut or slice food materials while camping or hiking.

The moment of surprise that the credit card folding knife provides is one of the factors that make this tool a must-have. The beauty of this is that the assailant will not know your intentions until you press the trigger, which almost always takes them by surprise.

The Folding Credit Card Wallet Pocket Knife

The Credit Card Foldable Knife works in a very simple way. Pressing the blade lock lets the blade pop out while the rest of the card folds off to form a handle.

The handle gives you an excellent grip, hence, making it possible to fend the offender off. You however need to be quick enough to take the criminal by surprise.

The knife is just under 3" when extended. When folded or back in its position, the knife has the same dimensions as your credit card (3 3/8 x 1/8 x 2 1/8 inches). This makes it easy to carry around or even slide it into your wallet compartments.

One thing about survival kits is that they are designed for everyday use and are easy to carry and conceal as well. Although you may not have to use the kit, it is much better knowing you have something to defend yourself with just when you need it.

Since the kit is light in weight and easy to conceal, you should always take it with you wherever you go – you never know when you will need it.

Survival gear is designed to provide fast aid, preserve water, catch food, and call for help. The Credit Card Foldable Knife comes in handy when preparing food or trying to catch the same in the wild. It also makes it easier to set up camp and defend yourself, hence, essential.

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