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Safe Steps Arm Band Blue

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The Safe Steps Arm Band provides visibility when walking or running at night.

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Safe Steps Arm Band Blue for After Hours

Do you enjoy going out at night or in the early morning? Using the Safe Steps Arm Band Blue is a great choice. No matter the reasons that you find yourself out when the sun is not, you can benefit from this fabulous personal safety product.

The warm tropical temperatures that make Florida such a popular destination for tourists means that there is always a lot going on.

Even after the sun has set, the fun continues well into the night. From spiritual social events to club hopping, you can always find something to do after hours.

Of course, you might find yourself out when it is dark for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you like to rise early and get in a good jog before you get into the rest of your day.

Maybe you have joined a yoga group that meets in the early mornings in a nearby park. Either way, you will find yourself on the local roads and trails with minimal lighting.

Fortunately for you, the Safe Steps Arm Band Blue is here to help with your safety needs. This fantastic device will fit practically everyone and will help to show exactly where you are.

One of the concerns that many have when being out in the dark is that vehicles will not see them. If you are walking down the street, sidewalk, or other public place, you want to be sure that the motorists know where you are and recognize that you are a person.

Do you enjoy taking your dog for a walk regularly? Are some of your trips late at night or early in the morning? If so, you can use this Safe Steps device to help alert others of your presence.

The arm band is adjustable, which means that you will be able to secure a good fit each and every time.

You simply slide the protective device on over your hand and slide it up your arm until it sits on the upper middle of your bicep. And, then, you should use the strap that is easy to tighten in order to ensure that it is in place.

The Safe Steps Arm Band in a Blue Color

This great little arm band in a blue color is easy to use right out of the package. Operating on two CR2032 lithium batteries, the light will work for a long time before you need to replace it.

However, there are already two installed when you receive the unit, which means that you won't have to worry about it for a long time! Lithium batteries have a great reputation that you can depend on!

You can choose to operate the unit in either a steady form or a blinking one. Although available in several other colors, the Safe Steps Arm Band Blue is one of the most popular. The bright blue light is easy to see from a distance, does not hurt the eyes, and looks great with any outfit.

One of the gains that you are sure to appreciate is that the Safe Steps arm bands are all weather-resistant. With the high humidity and frequent rainstorms that occur, you would want to know that your electronic devices won't break down at the first sign of moisture!

While you certainly don't want to immerse these in your swimming pool, the weather-resistant feature will allow you to use every arm band at any time you need.

In fact, many folks find that using two arm bands provides the maximum level of security possible. You can place one on each of your arms to maximize your visibility. With the variety of colors, you could choose several to match your clothing and moods!

Being safe is incredibly important in the modern world. By utilizing high-quality products to add layers of security to your defensive choices, you help to ensure that you avoid becoming involved in a bad situation.

Among the things that are important is ensuring your visibility even during inclement weather. By utilizing one or more of the excellent adjustable Safe Steps Arm Band Blue, you are moving in the right direction for your own security.

Take the time right now to start caring for your own personal safety. You can even inspire others to do the same by giving one to all of the special folks in your life!

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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