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Round Coat Hook Hidden Camera with Built In DVR

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This easy-to-install coat hook houses a hidden camera and DVR.

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Round Coat Hook Hidden Camera With Built In DVR

It is very easy to use modern security equipment and surprisingly affordable as well. Whether you are wanting to get a comprehensive security system set up, including plenty of surveillance, or would just like to have one camera deployed - for example, this Round Coat Hook Hidden Camera With Built In DVR - you will discover that the process is both hassle-free and inexpensive. There is no reason any longer to neglect your business or home security based on economics. Purchasing even a couple of pieces of solid security equipment such as surveillance cameras will really make a huge difference.

The Role Surveillance Plays in Business and Home Security

Surveillance plays a major role in many excellent security systems, both commercial and residential. Good surveillance cameras take on the role of the ever-watchful eye. When you aren't available to oversee things in person, they keep a watch over your property. Security cameras can definitely have a real deterrent effect on crimes. Also, any footage showing wrongdoing can be very helpful in apprehending criminals.

Why a Hidden Camera with DVR Can Be Useful

Identifiable and visible cameras help by making it obvious that any potential criminals are being watched. So what can be done if you suspect foul play is taking place? If you are having any difficulties with employees, whether that involves stealing your possessions, misbehaving, or shirking their duties, having a hidden camera with a DVR may be just what you need to catch them.

Getting this round coat hook hidden camera with its built-in DVR set up enables you to have a supervisory role even at those times when you are away. You are able to see the way that individuals behave when you aren't there. Video is recorded at 30 frames a second within a 1920 x 1080 crystal-clear resolution, with an excellent photo resolution of 4032 x 3024.

The Way the Round Coat Hook Hidden Camera Operates

It has been designed to look like a regular round coat hook as much as possible. There is a pinhole-sized lens allowing for unobtrusive filming. The complete dimensions are 2" x 2 1/4", making it easy to mount practically anywhere with doubled-sided tape or the included screws.

The covert camera with its integrated DVR storage is especially convenient since it isn't necessary for it to be wired into other equipment for it to work. You just need to ensure its battery is charged for two full hours and that you insert its 16GB micro-SD memory card and you will be all ready to start filming. A total of 2.5 hours’ worth of video is captured by the HD camera. It is motion-activated as well, so storage space won't be wasted on empty rooms.

To access your captured footage, just link the camera with any computer (Mac or PC) by using the USB cable that is included. That will let you copy, view, and store footage to use later without having to worry about filling your onboard DVR storage up. A user manual also come with the purchase.

How to Place a Round Coat Hook Camera and DVR

The round coat hook is a great shell to use for placing a hidden camera in since it will go unnoticed in many different kinds of rooms. It will blend right in in offices, kitchens, halls, and bathrooms. A spy camera that is properly designed is even able to film clear footage as long as someone is using it as a real coat hook.

To get the best results, the coat hook camera should be place as high on a wall as possible without attracting a lot of attention. Having a higher placement gives an improved field of view, which makes the footage that you manage to capture be more useful. If you point at a busy scene that has constant motion, it could end up burning through all of the recording time that you have available without anything of interest being captured.

These days, it is easier than it has ever been to get all of the necessary security gear for handling a variety of tasks. This includes getting your Round Coat Hidden Camera With Built In DVR set up so that it can review what is taking place inside your office or home while you are away.

 Features: 1920 x 1080 video resolution, 4032 x 3024 photo resolution, motion detection, 2 hour battery life, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory, 30 FPS. 

Includes: HD coat hook camera, USB cable, user manual, 16GB memory.

 Dimensions: 2⅛”× 2¼”

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