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Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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The power bank hidden camera looks like any regular power bank you would never know there is a discreetly hidden camera and DVR inside.

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Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR

Just imagine if you had a power bank in your hands that came with digital video recording capabilities and a hidden camera. Wouldn't that be cool? That is exactly what this Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR is like and is therefore a really important device for anyone to have as part of their daily life. It can be carried with you everyplace you go, and no one will ever wonder why you have one.

These days, just about everyone has a smart phone. Most people consider it to be necessary for staying in communication with others at all times, even when on the go. Smart phones are portable electronic gadgets, so usually they have internal batteries that power them whenever plugged into a socket.

In most workplaces and homes, power banks are common occurrences. They are really useful for charging mobile devices any time you are on the go. Most internal batteries for mobile devices don't last any longer than 24 hours even when they are used only moderately. If there isn't a direct power source for you to access, then other individuals may not be able to get in touch with you via your mobile phone.

One of the more significant inventions within the video monitoring and surveillance fields was making it possible to incorporate digital video recorders and cameras into power banks and other ordinary portable devices. This smart innovation has led to the power bank hidden camera and built-in DVR to be invented.

Why Want One of These Power Bank Spy Cameras

There are a number of different reasons why you might want to have one of these power banks with a spy camera and a built-in DVR. For example, there could come a time when you would want to record discreetly some footage without anyone else knowing about it. If you were to use a smart phone camera or regular video camera to record this footage, it would be very easy to notice. So what should you do in these kinds of situations? The power bank spy camera and built-in DVR is a great help with capturing the footage you need in a discreet and unnoticeable way.

For other individuals owning a power bank with a covert camera and DVR, it is convenient in many ways. In recent years, multi-feature devices have become quite popular, and many consumers now prefer to purchase electronic gadgets that are able to do multiple things instead of just one.

Key Features of This Power Bank Covert Camera and Built-In DVR?

The surveillance camera with DVR records HD video at 10 frames per second and a 1920 x 1080 resolution, or at 30 frames per second at a 1280 x 720 resolution, which is really amazing. High-quality photos can also be captured at a 4032 x 3024 resolution. In addition, 8 hours’ worth of battery life are offered by the security camera. That is pretty incredible since a major of digital cameras that are available these days offer only around 2 hours’ worth of battery life. There is also plenty of video storage space with this power bank security camera. It comes with a 16 gigabyte memory micro-SD card. This will allow you to record as much as 5 hours’ worth of high-definition video at one time.

The power bank surveillance camera and built-DVR also comes with motion detection technology, which allows for the smart recording and pausing of video. This helps to save on the battery life of the device and also storage space. One good thing is that a majority of spy camera brands that are available these day do come with motion-activation capabilities.

It is also easy to connect the power bank security camera to any computer, whether it is a Mac or a Windows PC, through using the USB cable that comes with it to transfer recorded footage for editing or viewing. This device is useful in so many different situations, such as when you need to monitor a nanny, gather evidence for court, or other kinds of covert surveillance needs.

Finally, the Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera With Built In DVR also has a comprehensive user manual that it comes with it. That can help you get your device properly configured so as to maximize its use. 

Features: 1920x1080 10fps, 1280x720 30fps video resolution, 4032x3024 photo resolution, motion detection, 8 hour battery life, works with Windows and Mac OS, 16GB memory.

Includes: Power bank camera, USB Cable, Phone connectors, user manual.

Dimensions: 4⅜”× 2⅝” × ¹¹/₁₆

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