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Tactical Black Twist Pen

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Tactical Black Twist Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Tactical Black Twist Pen with Glass Breaker Point

You never know when an accident may happen. If you ever end up locked inside a car or room following an earthquake or other disaster, then breaking the window is going to be your most viable option to freeing yourself. The Tactical Black Twist Pen should be kept in your survival kit so you can do this.

Survival kits allow you to be prepared for any emergency and situation. The focus of a majority of kits is on first aid and providing tools that help you escape from dangerous situations, for building a shelter, hunting for food, or providing clean water.

Your tactical pen glass breaking tool helps you get out of dangerous situations. Its design is one of the very best things about it.

Its black finish gives it a very elegant appearance, and the tactical pen glass breaker is similarly very easy to grip and comfortable due to its textured aluminum body, which helps to ensure that you can hold onto it correctly when breaking through a very strong window pane.

The glass breaker point is on the top tip. It is very effective since the tip can break even very durable glass panes without a lot of effort, whether it is a building window, car window, or other type of glass.

You of course don't want anyone to see that you are carrying around a suspicious glass breaker. That is why it has been designed to function and look like an ordinary pen.

Just twist the top in order to enable its retractable writing tip. It writes like an elegant office pen and comes equipped with an extra ink cartridge.

Black Twist Tactical Pen with Retractable Writing Tip

It is very easy to carry the Tactical Black Twist Pen with you since there is a pocket clip that comes with it. Just clip it onto your bag, necktie, or front breast pocket, and nobody will ever suspect that it's part of your regular survival kit.

You can use it for other things besides breaking through strong panes of glass. Whenever you are out in the wilderness, you can use it for cracking hard shell fruits open or use it as a type of hammer for building a shelter or other survival purposes.

Although it may be among the most useful tools to have inside your survival kit, it can be an important self-defense item also. The glass break end on the pen can know down even strong assailants very easily.

If you haven't ever attended a self-defense class, then it is recommended that you watch a video tutorial online on tactical pen use at least.

You can learn basic self-defense techniques using a tactical pen that can help you break out of an enclosed environment such as a burning car or for tending off assailants such as rapists or muggers.

You might not think that you will ever find yourself in an emergency. However, it's still advisable for you to keep a survival kit on you at all times.

You just never know when somebody might attempt to hurt you or rob you, or you get lost out in the woods or get stuck inside a car. Your first defense is survival gear, and the Tactical Black Twist Pen is one of those tools that should be inside every kit.

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