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Security Scanners

Security Scanners & Handheld Metal Detectors from Garrett

There are a ton of settings and circumstances in which the exposure of everything metal might be utilized far ahead to deter illicit or threatening actions. It is there in which handheld Security Scanners and metal detectors are able to aid in safety to add to justice.

These electronic tools can divulge the incidence of veiled metal, such as in the guise of illegal goods like medicine paraphernalia or armament. They are exactly what you require if you would like security in a scrupulous amount.

For instance, you might necessitate metal scanners in airports, shopping malls, plus schools and libraries. These may similarly be called for in supermarkets, convenience stores, concerts, bars and clubs, as well as office events.

Here at Self Defense Products Florida, there are a quantity of security detectors to be had. Now then, the superiority of every one is truly evident. That is, every one of them is manufactured by the company, Garrett, in the U.S.A.

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Garrett has over 50 years of expertise in the research and development of security scanning technology. It holds an altogether unswerving reputation in the business. All of its handheld metal detectors divvy, due to this, a few genuinely sound plus appealing traits.

Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer, SuperWand, THD, SuperScanner V

There is the company’s CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster, which has both pinpointing slant and 360° side scanning facilities. Its motionless exposures hasten target retrieval while its microprocessor circuitry certifies extreme sensitivity. No tuning is required. It incorporates a LED flashlight plus a woven belt holster.

Its comparative warnings, both vibrating plus audible, have amplified force grounded on the target’s closeness. It will then isolate weapons, missiles, shell casings, plus crime area marks rapidly. It likewise comb walls plus constricted spots for covert objects such as studs and metal tubes. Correspondingly, it can inspect wood for tacks and filter soil with a rasping blade.

We furnish, too, the SuperWand that uncovers ferrous, non-ferrous plus stainless steel metal items including armament and smuggled properties. Its 360° discovery field offers unvarying sensitivity plus angled locating with acute exactitude. Lightweight and with an ergonomically fabricated clasp, it possesses both of a noticeable plus silent indicator.

This elevated-amount screening gauge is self-calibrating. Its digital micro-administering know-how eradicates any demand for recurrent sensitivity corrections. It holds three-hue LED lights and will match essentially all sizes of hands securely. Between shopping malls and culinary programs, it is the current pick of handheld scanner for protective checking.

There, similarly, is the Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster, an exceptionally trim plus robust security detector. It provides an exact, super-sensitive comeback to ferrous, non-ferrous, as well as stainless steel artilleries, contraband, plus more metal bodies. Sturdy and sealed for resisting water, it gives a 4-inch, 360° revealing stretch.

It has a red LED vibrating alert marker to add to a vivid built-in LED flashlight during low-light and evening usage. Helpful in rifling at purses, handbags, plus pockets and scanning IDs, it functions glowingly for police agency procedures yet is dependable, too, when utilized in the defense of taverns plus discos, companies, plus schools.

We supply further the Garrett SuperScanner V, which is hardy, downright sensitive. It occupies a huge 8-inch scan plane for speedy and in-depth probing. Its transitory push knob assists in pausing the finding of partitions, re-bar, plus other metals close by. It comes with a Ballistic weave holster and boars with no difficulty in vehicles plus on belts.

Self-calibrating, it identifies moderate-bulk pistols from 9 inches, bulky knives from a 6-inch scope, box reapers from 3 inches, plus petite jewelry and foil-enveloped drugs from a 1-inch extent. It holds any of an audible plus three-color LED pointer as well as a red intense LED light. The reinforced coil slot of its case maintains the integrity of its internal elements.

As well, there is the Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit. With measurements of 3 x 2 x 2 ½ inches, it furnishes two environmentally pleasant Cadmium-free Ni-MH batteries, and in addition, a charger. Its usage is with the CSI Pro-Pointer, SuperWand, Tactical Hand-Held Detector, plus SuperScanner V.

All water-resistant, every one of our Garrett metal detectors can’t be inhibited by the existence of rain or flood. They can, correspondingly, weather being whacked about. Each tool is set to be utilized so long as you pop the battery in.