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SafeFamilyLife Kits

SafeFamilyLife Kits for Survival vs. Looters, Rapists, Thugs

According to the 2014 figures of the U.S. Department of Justice, 65,668 women aged between 18 and 24 who were not in school were sexually wronged. Sexual harassment of every type is one of numerous crimes that SafeFamilyLife Kits can prevent or deter.

Similar was done in the same year to another 31,302 females who were in school, says the same study. Of those, 26,369 females not in school and 10,237 in school were raped entirely. Rape was tried with 23,656 more women while 8,735 were sexual attacked.

Apart from sexual aggression, there are a ton of other violent crimes carried out to families and individuals. These wrongdoings are the reasons that various tool kits are being supplied on the market to anyone and everyone. With one or a few of those tools, you could save yourself plus your loved ones from looters, rapists, and thugs, to add to several other lawbreakers.

Now then, SafeFamilyLife has quite a few of these survival kits. We here at Self Defense Products Florida sell these special purpose kits of theirs at accessible prices. Every one of them is furnished with all the batteries for the tools that have those.

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Security & Safety Kits from Safe Family Life

These security plus safety kits bring together a multitude of products with companion DVDs and guidance handbooks. Correspondingly, these are fused with the latest massive investigative studies on the topics that are comprised.

First of all, we offer the Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit for those residing not only in apartments but likewise in condo units, compounds, townhouses, plus the like. This protective kit combines a 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount, a 1/2 oz. Protective Spray with Visor Clip, one Door Stop Alarm, two Magnetic Door Alarm, the Cell Phone Lite, one Glass Breakage Alarm, one Mini Alert Alarm, and a Diversion Safe that seems faithfully like Dried Soup.

We furnish similarly the Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit so that the period you exhaust in your auto or other motor vehicle would be more safeguarded. In this shielding kit are a 1/2 oz. Defensive Spray with Visor Clip, one Auto Emergency Tool that does numerous tasks, a 9 LED Flashlight, the Nap Alarm, one 1/2 oz. Deterrent Spray with Keychain, plus a Diversion Safe that looks exactly like an Engine Degreaser Can.

There, too, is the Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women. It is systematized particularly to keep females more defensive either at home or out in the world. What this caring kit provides are one Lipstick Pepper Spray, a Diversion Safe that seems precisely to be a Book, one Electronic Pocket Whistle, a 130dB Personal Alarm with Light, in addition to one 1/2 oz. Protective Spray with Leatherette Holster.

Furthermore, we supply the Extreme College Survival Kit. It will cause any young lady’s time in college to be more fortified. This concerned kit merges a 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray with Keychain, one Lipstick Pepper Spray, a Diversion Safe that looks accurately to be a Book, the Nap Alarm, a 2 oz. Defensive Spray with Wall Mount, one Motion Alert Alarm, the Cell Phone Lite, one Door Stop Alarm, a 1/2 oz. Deterrent Spray with Visor Clip, to add to an Electronic Pocket Whistle.

SafeFamilyLife Survival Tool Kits for Urban & Rural Regions

Every one of those survival tool kits contain research that is conceived thinking about your protection plus that of your loved ones. Whether you are in a rural or an urban region, the reports could assist you in several varied manners.

For instance, the Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit is supplied with an exploration of apartment living safeguards. Apartment Complex Safety plus Five Steps to a Safer Apartment are two of these.

Provided with the Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit are resources for the fortification of your vehicle. These include Car-Jacking Prevention and Plan of Action plus What You Need to Know about Parking Lot Safety.

The Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women is offered with inquiries on the security of grownup females. Some of these are Safe Dating plus What You Should Know about Sexual & Domestic Assault.

Furnished with the Extreme College Survival Kit is an examination of how much more protected your college encounter could be. Incorporated are a College Rape Report plus How to Secure Your Dorm or Apartment.