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Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap

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Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap.

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Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap for Steel Batons

Steel batons are among the most active self-defense weapons available currently, which is why police officers plus security guards carry these weapons with them. Nonetheless, a Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap can make these gadgets even more useful, as it would permit you to break out a window in case of an emergency.

Batons aren't lethal yet these can daunt successfully a hooligan who is attempting to rape or mug you. Also, you can apply one to counterattack ferocious criminals intending to break into your domicile.

Moreover, this device can help you out in various emergency circumstances, such as being inside a sinking vehicle, a burning house, or a collapsed building. The glass breaker cap is a small attachment that gets added to a collapsible steel baton.

While such batons are usually pretty sturdy, they may not be able to break glass panes by themselves. A sharp tip would aid you in such events, hence, the need for installing this glass breaking end.

It's not that unusual to find yourself trapped under a collapsed building in case of an earthquake, or inside a burning house. The baton’s rubber grip with a windows breaker attachment is everything that you require to bolt from the situation speedily and uncomplicatedly, without harming yourself or other people around you in the process.

There are numerous other events in which this Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap could prove to be useful. You might be trapped in a sinking vehicle or lost out in the woods. You can then utilize it to crack a window open or to build a shelter inside which to spend the night.

It is further helpful for shielding you against hooligans. It is a marvelous protective tool because it is reliable without being lethal. Your aggressor will survive but you'll have plenty of time to hit and run to a more sheltered setting.

Even a simple steel baton is perfect for that purpose. Nonetheless, by adding a glass breaker cap, you're going to make it even better. Some hooligans are very resistant to pain, so bashing them with a baton may not daunt them right off the bat.

If they get to strike back, then they may render you severe injuries. By adding a glass breaker tip to your baton, you can make it a more powerful weapon.

Your aggressor is going to feel a sharp pain, so you may have a chance to get away unharmed. Try to target the ribs or the joints of the hooligan, as these are the most painful spots.

Don't forget that you can choose between the three telescopic batons by SafeFamilyLife. The smallest one extends until 16 inches, the next one widens up to 21 inches, while the last one has a total length of 26 inches when completely expanded.

You can employ this Pointed Glass Breaker End Cap with any of the three versions. All the models come with a holster that facilitates your carry one to your belt. Alternatively, you can carry this attachment in your pocket or in your bag.

Whether you have to walk to or from work by nighttime or want to stay out late, this device will keep you guarded.

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