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Instructional Fighting DVD's

Instructional Fighting DVD’s for Novices, Professionals & the Middle

Videos for training in personal safety are a stack on the Internet. Some are for novices, others are for professionals, and still others are for those in the middle. At least, at Self Defense Products Florida, we offer Instructional Fighting DVD’s for every type of individual.

Here, there are tutoring videos for assisting the rookies in varied combat techniques. If you are one of the specialists, we furnish coaching DVD’s so that you won’t be out of practice and can move on to other warfare disciplines.

And for those in between, there are guiding videos to aid you in become experts in diverse battling systems. DVD’s are more economical than enrolling in classes.

Personal Defense Videos from US & World Fighting Experts

The Unarmed Combat Course DVD is by Frank Cucci, a Navy SEAL for 12 years who devoted four of those years in the elite SEAL Team Six. Only the minutest athletic aptitude is entailed in the program. Every step has an evenness for triumph, even in severe brutality.

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Secondly, there is the Bob Taylor DVD, Small Man’s Advantage. If you think your small stature is a handicap, think again. What those bullies when you were in school never knew was that the more undersized you are, the more valuable Taylor’s methods would be for you to utilize.

Jacov Bressler commenced training at 16 years of age with an Argentinian chief instructor and lead devotee of Okinawan karate master Gogen Yamaguchi's son. Bressler applies Chjun Miyagi’s Goju-Ryu karate in the Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD.

Likewise, we supply the Vladimir Vasiliev DVD’s, Russian Fighting System. Among the methods are the harsh Spetznaz hand-to-hand tussling secrets exclusive to Soviet-epoch Russia that were heretofore unknown even to the US Military, and less so, to the rest of the globe.

The Fight To Win DVD is by Jim West, who occupied 15 years of his life in the Green Berets’ black bag arm and gained six medals in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. He will coach you swiftly in hand-to-hand struggles plus the Dark Art of extremely cruel battles without any rules.

Paul Vunak concentrated in tutoring members of the Navy SEALs, FBI, CIA, plus police SWAT teams to be dependable, lethal warriors. He has two combat systems with us.

One is in the Street Safe DVD, which expounds on the eight central processes of Jeet Kune Do, or JKD, the fusion martial art of Bruce Lee. These street fighting processes are pure, succinct, and in addition, simple to study.

Another is in the Rapid Assault Tactics DVD, which Vunak conceived initially for authorities in fierce security tasks. They have no prior warfare flair and no time to train. This R.A.T. battling techniques give them, plus you, a warfare system to gain knowledge of.

Next, Ben Cooley provides us with the Fighting Mindset DVD. He is a specialist SWAT Team Trainer to add to having a vital role in an exclusive Federal Tactics Team that shelters delicate government equipment. He schools in acquiring this mental state, even vs. home intruders.

Randall Brown furnished us with the Indian Fighting Skills DVD. He uncovered his major Indian heritage (being Cherokee, Apache, and Irish) and set out to the Great Plains. There, he unearthed the untainted Plains Indian warfare practices.

There is the Be The BodyGuard DVD of Gregg Wooldridge, a street policeman for 11 years before signing up with an eminent executive protection faction. You’ll be knowledgeable in being a street-savvy combatant utilizing the increase of force to devastate huger, sturdier foes.

The Delta Seal Camp DVD Series is seven discs on a string of choice conflict courses hosted by Navy SEAL and Army Delta Force veteran spec-ops coaches. It is an atypical occasion in tutoring videos in which ordinary citizens go through a severe boot camp across four days.

Chris Clugston is a kickboxer, bouncer, shoot-boxer, plus expert in no-rules street-fighter. In the Combat JKD DVD, he teaches you how to dash assaults and dispense manifold aggressors successfully. His methods are speedy plus unproblematic to become skilled at.

The Israeli Connection DVD is by Nir Maman, an Israeli mentor in the Special Forces, on hand-to-hand fighting, plus for the dreaded Sayeret Golani long-distance reconnaissance troop. The two DVDs are about hand-to-hand skirmishing, ground battles, plus gun and knife neutralizing.