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Splatmatic Magazine Quiver

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You may also wish to add an optional Paintball Magazine Quiver set to your blowgun.

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Splatmatic Magazine Quiver With Your Blowgun For Paintball

How the game of paintball is played can greatly be altered by using a blowgun. So that you are prepared and have all of the required ammo, what you should have is the Splatmatic Magazine Quiver.

Being as you are not able to let off at a rapid pace as you could with a paintball gun, every game would be played more carefully.

The magazine quiver for the Splatmatic handheld paintball magazine permits you to carry as many as four paintball magazines at the same time.

This guarantees that if you run out of ammo in one magazine, even in the heat of the battle, you are still able to switch out. You no longer have to worry about wasting time as you reload paintballs into your magazine.

To apply this, of course, you will require a .40 caliber blowgun. There are a variety of lengths in which you can purchase these blowguns, from a mere eighteen inches up to seventy two inches. Normally, they are employed to launch darts.

That being said, with the use of the Splatmatic accessory, you are able to turn what is a dart blowgun into a toy paintball blowgun. Up to twenty standard paintballs are carried by this fixture.

In a game of paintball that is hectic, it will not be adequate to carry merely twenty ammunition. By carrying the quiver, essentially, you are turning a standard paintball blowgun into a paintball blowgun PVC, which has a swifter reload and fire rate.

If you believe it is not enough to carry twenty paintballs in one magazine, remember that a blowgun discharged at a different rate than an automatic paintball gun does.

What this means is that every shot fired will be aimed carefully. This evades the random firing rate you can expect from an automatic paintball toy.

If twenty is not sufficient, then there is always the option of carrying more being as, in total, this quiver has four magazines.

The best part is that the supplement for the paintball as well as these additional magazines will not damper the fire velocity of the gun.

All it does is to permit for paintballs to be detonated instead of darts. If you possess .40 blowgun paintballs, essentially, with a well-aimed detonation, you can knock somebody out.

Exactly how many paintballs does it actually carry? In the Splatmatic Magazine Quiver, there are four magazines. In each on there are twenty paintballs. Basically, you are carrying as many as eighty paintballs at the same time.

This guarantees that in a hectic paintball match, you are able to continue discharging without having to ever stop to reload your magazines manually.

The ability to carry eighty paintballs is useful to numerous people, not only those playing paintball matches. If you delight in target shooting, however, do not want to worry about the danger associated with shooting a dart, then this is the perfect choice for you.

You are even able to utilize it to teach your children how a blowgun is applied being as it is significantly safer to try a paintball.

Also remember that a blowgun is quite handy. With these magazines, you can turn it into a quick plus powerful paintball weapon; however, you are likewise able to employ it for survival, self-defense, hunting, as well as other kinds of sports, for example, shooting.

Whether you utilize darts or paintballs, a blowgun is a self-defense weapon that is very powerful. The impact in itself when you are hit with one of its ammunitions can take out even a larger mugger or home invader.

When darts are employed, this blowgun is able to take down prey from a distance instantly, for example, rabbit or deer.

 (Paintballs Not Included)

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