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Blow Guns and Accessories

Blow Guns And Accessories With Darts Or Paintballs

A blowgun is used for the most part to hunt for food, such as in forests plus mountains, as well as to protect oneself, such as from animal plus human aggressors. Here at Self Defense Products Florida, we supply Blow Guns And Accessories for those practices and similarly for recreation.

Blowguns are some of the earliest weapons throughout times past. As a matter of fact, they were formerly devices of choice during the Stone Age. Now, the regard for them did not really reduce in this modern age.

We are still able to come across a ton of specialized blowpipes for sale for hunters on the Internet to add to brick-and-mortar shops. There are a bunch, correspondingly, of paintball blow tubes on the market online plus offline.

From an expanse, rough animals won’t tell the blowgun darts. It is merely after the wounds or the harm has been done that they will perceive how they have been shot. In this sense, with a skilled individual, this tool is quiet yet lethal.

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Likewise, a blow gun would be useable in personal security. In the forest or mountain, hunters might confront bears, moose, caribou, wolves, plus wild hogs. If being tackled, retribution could be had on the spot once prepared with your gadget.

Blow guns are similarly valuable for personal safety in the house. These are way more legal than firearms as well as unproblematic to keep within reach. A terrific way to stave off robbers or other crooks in your abode is by possessing one every time.

These devices are also utilized over and over again for leisure intentions. For instance, they are exciting to use when firing targets or in games of paintball. These are not playthings, though, and unquestionably, they are not for kids.

Blowguns for Hunting, Personal Protection & Leisure Activities

Every one of our blow guns on the Website are .40 caliber ones that are sold with our guarantee for life. These are manufactured with precision, all here in the USA. Each one utilizes seamless T-6061 aircraft-class aluminum tubing.

At, we furnish an 18 Inch, 24 Inch, plus 36 Inch blow tubes. We offer, too, a 48 Inch, 60 Inch, plus 72 Inch blowpipes. Every one of these is supplied with 12 target darts, muzzle guard, mouthpiece, foam grip, as well as two dart quivers.

These blow tubes have a breadth of more than 250 feet. The swiftness of their muzzle is 350 feet per second or higher. And their darts are able to stab 1/4 of one plywood without any trouble.

Well then, on the site, we correspondingly provide a host of blowpipe accessories. Whether or not you have a blow gun already, there are target darts plus target paintballs here. In addition, there are quivers, mouthpieces, slings, plus rapid fire accessories.

You can avail yourself of our Target Darts for blow tubes. These are supplied in packs of 100 each to add to packs of 250 each.

In any case, we further offer the Splatmatic accessory. It alters any .40 caliber blowpipe, including all of ours, into a semi-automatic type of paintball gun. You could just take the mouthpiece away and then fasten the Splatmatic to the blow tube.

So then, 20 paintballs could be packed into this tube furnished with the Splatmatic adjunct. And one paintball will be inserted into the blow tube barrel each time that you push the button.

Apart from those, there is a Paintball Magazine Quiver set for blowpipes on this Website that you have an optional to obtain. What it does is permit you to stock up to 80 paintballs every time on a blow gun.

We provide paintballs, too, that are made for all .40 caliber blowguns, including yet not limited to ours. These paintballs can be had in packs of 100 each, packs of 250 each, plus packs of 1,000 each.

With paintballs as targets, a blow tube could be so much benign. Youngsters could probably do some shooting with one. This ammunition is clever and likewise economical since paintballs are trouble-free to churn out.

As you could perhaps tell yourself, the bang from a paintball throbs. Nevertheless, a squad of players could snipe paintballs at themselves utilizing blowpipes. It is so much less dangerous than when utilizing swifter paintball guns.