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Be The BodyGuard DVD - Gregg Wooldridge

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Gregg Wooldridge is one of the nicest guys but he's known as one of the baddest cats walking the planet.

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Be The Bodyguard DVD – Gregg Woolridge As Shield

You will unearth practical methods which have been tested for efficacy in the field in the Be The Bodyguard DVD by Gregg Wooldridge. If these methods are absorbed and executed properly, not only will you survive criminal brutes yet your odds of subduing them so they can be arrested for having harassed you increase.

This video on street fighting for personal protection will even assist you in studying how to be a bodyguard – shielding somebody else once you have been cornered into circumstances that are potentially dodgy.

The really great thing about instructional self-defense videos such as this one is that there is no requirement to be an expert prior to you watching them and then employing them to train.

If you are interested in acquiring how to throw some basic defensive moves, then video instruction is a marvelous choice. Nevertheless, this does not imply that you will not similarly pick up techniques that are advanced.

As a matter of fact, you can learn everything from these instructional fighting videos, from how to move defensively to throwing moves or blows that are incapacitating - methods which, even when armed with pepper spray, a stick, a kubotan, or whichever close- to medium-span weapon you carry, you are still able to apply.

Regardless of whether what interests you is disarming moves against deadly weapons, basic self-defense, general female street fighting, or throwing kicks, a lot less commitment is required by videos that teach martial arts or self-defense than actual dojos or gyms do.

If you have plenty of space at home and a DVD player, then you are even able to train with other amateurs. Training with others can supply you with needed practice by your utilizing the methods on each other. This permits you to better apply each lesson.

One of the main reasons that the Be The Bodyguard video was created to begin with was practical training. Gregg Wooldridge is equally dangerous as he is nice. He has a social exterior yet on the inside lives a warrior who went through eleven years of service as a cop.

After that, he took on private endeavors, and then he became a bodyguard for corporate executives as well as for famous performers plus musicians.

What this suggests is that his ample practical experience in personal guarding is a combination of protecting others and threat neutralization. As you can probably tell by now, this combination is a remarkable plus useful one once it comes to self-defense on the streets.

That is precisely why this video in particular is the perfect selection for those considering working in private security; Gregg will teach you for four hours and six minutes about how to overwhelm a larger opponent with intelligent plus efficient escalation of force as well as the usage of psychology.

Other than being able to scare men that are bigger plus tougher, you will likewise absorb how you are able to come out of things unscathed, especially if you must remain unharmed as those around you are all panicking.

Another part of the Be The Bodyguard DVD that is truly interesting is where it describes how to apply improvised weaponry even at locations in which at first it seems as if there are not weapons around.

There is correspondingly a section that covers gun disarming techniques that are advanced. That part will most definitely come in handy in situations that are extremely dire.

It's all based on Gregg Woolridge's practical experiences as a cop as well as a bodyguard. He has had to employ these same techniques in order to save himself and/or other people's lives.

 Run Time: 4 Hrs 6 Min

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