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Automotive Safety

Automotive Safety for Motor Vehicles & Car Ports

There were 35,092 fatal collisions in the United States in 2015. It was up by nearly 3,000 from 2014, when the deadly crashes were 32,675. Nonetheless, you can do a ton of things to make certain that you and your family have Automotive Safety at all times.

Do not let yourself plus your loved ones be among the motor vehicle injury statistics of any year. After all, more than a few of us run into incidents in our own vehicles or become attacked while inside. These occurrences are as frequent as looting in houses, workplaces and outside.

Now then, it is not only the motor vehicles of individuals plus families that necessitate security. It is the car ports, too. In all of these spaces, it is genuinely crucial for everybody to receive more than one protective tool or gadget.

The 2005 Sleep in America poll by the National Sleep Foundation says that 168 million Americans, or 60% of those who drive, have suffered from lethargy while at the wheel in 2004. 103 million, or 37%, of those, did slept while driving at that time frame.

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That is why our auto safety tools include sleep alerts. These alerts cause drivers to be awakened the instant that they begin nodding their heads off. These gadgets are imperative for thwarting a mass of catastrophes on the roads.

An Assortment of Vehicle & Garage Security Gadgets

For one, we provide at Self Defense Products Florida the 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot Spray with Auto Visor Clip. It is given with a Quick Key Release Key Chain. This defense repellent has 10% oleoresin capsicum that scores 2 million Scoville heat units. If you want to retrieve it with no difficulty during emergencies, you could slide it on your automobile’s sun visor.

Another that we furnish on the site is the Tactical Crown Tip, Screw Cap Pen in either silver or black. We likewise offer its fill-ups. It has a changeable dulled tip on one end, and the crown-point other end could be utilized for grabbing DNA.

There, too, is the Tactical Pull Cap, Glass Breaker Tip Pen in silver plus black. With a removable piercing cap, it could be used to crack open a window so you could scuttle out. We similarly supply its top-ups.

For any person who has exhibited some stupor at the wheel, we provide the Nap Alarm. This alert for drowsy drivers could be worn on the ear. Once that person’s head bobs frontward, its electronic location beam will signal an alert to rouse them promptly as well as notify their passengers.

Invented not just for drivers, the Nap Alarm is correspondingly ideal for those others who must be quite forewarned on the job. Some of these are those maneuvering machines, office sentries, plus students to add to anyone demanding a lot of concentration.

There is, correspondingly, the Tactical Twist Pen in both silver and black. In addition, we furnish its fill-ups. It is granted a coverable point plus a glass breaker point.

One more that we supply is the Tactical Black Screw Cap, Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Flashlight. One head has a glass breaker while the other has the LED light.

At, we similarly offer the 8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool. It provides 8 roles that can assist you in a crisis. One of them is a very prickly reaper to slash a seat belt in only one thump. Another is a car USB charger to charge tablets to add to phones. There is likewise a built-in mallet to smash glass that is covered in the charger’s positive pole. And then there is a blinking red light for heralding plus a vivid 120-lumen flashlight.

Furthermore, we furnish a ton of protective safes where to place belongings so housebreakers could not discover them. These include the JB Oil Diversion Safe, Emergency Tire Inflator with Hose Diversion Safe, Gunk Diversion Safe, JB Brake Cleaner Diversion Safe, Gunk Engine Degreaser Diversion Safe, plus JB Engine Degreaser Diversion Safe. Any one of these is a truly remarkable spot for camouflaging objects in plain view.

In 2015, 707,758 cars and other vehicles were stated to have been lifted. This is reported by the FBI, which then said that the figure was up by 3.1% from 2014.