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Personal Alarm with Flashlight

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The sleek, slim design of this Personal Alarm with Flashlight fits easily into small hands, purses and even a pocket.

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Personal Alarm With Flashlight While Away From Home

Anytime that you are traveling away from home, taking the Personal Alarm with Flashlight alongside you is a smart decision for your own fortification. Designed with individual safety in mind, compact tools like it can help shield you from harm by deterring thieves or muggers.

We at Self Defense Products Florida sell a variety of alarm systems extending from those that come on a standard keychain to danger signals for the doors on your residence. Carrying one with you is a fantastic method to ensure your own safety.

One of our most popular items, however, is this flashlight that incorporates a personal alert. Because it is portable, you can take it with you anywhere, permitting you to stay sheltered even when you are away from home.

Night shift employees, realtors, plus other people who have jobs where they work late in the evening or where they are alone in potentially perilous circumstances can gain from applying this device.

Even though there are a swarm of distinctive sirens on our Website, this one is a marvelous selection for anyone who may find themselves in high-risk events after dark. The combination of alarm and light can be extremely useful at driving thugs away.

Using this distress signal is incredibly straightforward. All that you have to do is to put the affixed wrist strap around your wrist while at the same time holding onto the alarm with your hand.

To activate the Personal Alarm with Flashlight, it is just a matter of pulling the pin that is secured to the wristband. Once the pin has been pulled, the alert will begin emitting an extremely loud sound.

The noise alone would be sufficient to drive most people away. Nevertheless, this siren takes it one step further with an attached flashlight.

Together, the loud noise plus the vibrant light draw enough interest in you that thugs are unlikely to continue their attack. They would rather pick an easier target away from prying eyes.

You can employ the flashlight to illuminate the area around you, supplying additional protection. The light can be utilized on its own or in conjunction with the 130dB siren.

An astounding example of how this gadget could be applied is when going out to your car in a gloomy parking lot. Turning the light on can make it easier to find your way plus to notice the keyhole in your car door.

The same holds true for entering a shady building or walking up to the door of your dwelling at nighttime.

If you spot any suspicious activity with the flashlight, you can get back to safety swiftly, eluding treacherous confrontations.

One thing that makes this particular alarm/light combination so operational is that it is little plus trouble-free to hold onto. People of all sizes can grasp the flashlight easily.

Additionally, its tiny size makes it vital for traveling since you can pack it with you anywhere - even when flying on an airplane or seafaring on a boat.

The Personal Alarm with Flashlight isn't just meant for adults. Children can likewise employ it. Because it doesn't render any physical harm, it furnishes kids with security without posing any danger.

 Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.5.

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