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Mace Outdoor & Animal Defense

Mace Outdoor & Animal Defense for Humane Safety

Not all pepper sprays can be used while the wind is blowing, on the water, or against bears, wolves, and rabid dogs. One that is perfect for applying in these situations is Mace Outdoor & Animal Defense.

Any person would be able to utilize the Mace® outdoor sprays even at nighttime, when there are wafts of wind, in a marina, or on a cruiser. Similarly, there are repellents from Mace® during animal attacks, like bear as well as dog assault deterrents.

Society in the past would sanction the usage of guns and firearms to stave off ferocious bears plus madcap dogs. Nevertheless, numerous states have regulations causing it to be unlawful to snipe at bears and dogs, which is brutal plus excessive.

Instead of injuring and, at the process, maybe killing any animal, the more agreeable choice would be an animal deterrent spray. In the same sense, utilize an outdoor repellent when you are dealing with a quay, a water craft, the breeze, or the evening.

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Non-lethal, defensive sprays are ideal devices for personal defense. The most brutish dog or bear would stabilize plus drop any fascination for assailing you when they have no vision and are inflamed by your defense repellent.

You will then be able to safeguard yourself without the animal or you suffering in any serious manner. Thus, Mace animal and outdoor deterrents are aimed at controlling assailing animals as well as the elements for the protection of people.

Mixed Bear, Dog, Animal and Outdoor Pepper Deterrents

The MACE® Pepper Gel is pepper spray designed to be overhung in gel in place of a stream of liquid. There is the 45-gram Large Model with a flip-top safety cap. Providing 7 one-second shots, it is given a scope of 18 feet. We have, too, the Magnum Model that is furnished with 79 grams plus a flip-top safety cap. It is supplied with 13 one-second bursts with an area of 18 feet.

Also, we can equip you with the Pepper Gel Night Defender. Its bright, built-in LED light has 33 lux at 1 meter. The 45-gram deterrent delivers 10 to 20 short spurts that are good until 18 feet.

The Maritime Personal Defense Spray Gel has a pistol grip handle with safety pin. Bring it would you on any boat that is on the water or berthed at a port. Its dense solution does not blow back even if there is wind. 330 grams, it has a scope of 25 feet plus it empties in 6 seconds!

Our last defense gel is the Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model. Effective for 25 feet, it unites the maximum strength formula of OC with the Mace gel stream technology plus invisibly marking UV dye.

Next at Self Defense Products Florida is the Pepper Mace® Bear Spray for any skirmish with a wild bear. The 260-gram Magnum Fogger empties in 5.4 seconds with an extent of 30 feet!

Correspondingly, we give the EPA-approved Mace® Muzzle Canine Repellent for civilized shields vs. harassing canines. The 17-gram deterrent has a belt clip, finger-grip dispenser, key chain, plus flip-top safety cap.

We furnish, too, the Mace® Pepper Gun that utilizes the brand’s Bag-in-a-Can technology in order to provide a unique system of dispensation. 25 feet, it can be had in silver, camo with holster, pink, plus matte black. With a trigger-activated LED light, it is supplied with an OC cartridge as well as a water-test cartridge, each one granted 7 shots.

And, lastly, there is the Leather Holster for this Pepper Gun. It is imparted with a snap closure plus a belt loop.

Mace Outdoor and Animal Defensive Sprays during Savagery

Outside the house and any other indoor space, the elements of nature are a little on the savage side. There are rain, storm, hail, snow, wind, fog, plus several other aspects of our climate. Where breeze and wind are concerned, you can do something so they won’t bar your shields.

The wind will be able to render your repellent ineffective by blowing it backwards to where you or innocent individuals are located. Similarly, the wind can cause the repellent to blow away from the ruffian whom you would like to deter.

Nonetheless, the wind won’t do the same with MACE outdoor deterrents. As well, bears plus dogs have nothing on the brand’s animal deterrents.