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Mace Jogging & Fitness

Mace Jogging & Fitness Personal Defense Sprays

Pepper spray is readily available for runners and every other sport or fitness enthusiast. You would not need to really bother or rummage about in your belongings to find your repellent. For one, Mace Jogging & Fitness has what you require for self-defense.

These personal deterrents for joggers and athletes are multifarious. There are those shielded in nice-looking holsters. And there are those that are able to be affixed to a key ring or a lanyard. The latter are not troublesome to clutch and then use whenever you must.

For your survival to be an urgency once you are out of your home, then you would aspire for a defense repellent that is fit for fitness and sports. It would be with you for protection whether you are going three streets from where you are or three states away.

The jogging and fitness protective sprays by MACE® are also some of their pocket- and bag-sized ones. These deterrents should be for outdoor plus personal usage. As well, since some of us work out at home, these should be suitable for there, too.

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A Selection of Mace Fitness & Jogging Deterrents

Here at Self Defense Products Florida, we offer the Mace® Jogger Model, which can be had in the colors black and pink. It was truly manufactured to be utilized for sports, fitness, plus outdoor pursuits. These pursuits include jogging, volleyball, boxing, tennis, hiking, plus biking.

You will be able to fasten this jogger spray to a key chain, attached it with its own belt clip, or hold it in one hand with its Velcro-style strap. With 18 grams, this repellent in two hues supplies 20 short spurts having a scope of 12 feet.

And then there is the Personal Model in Hot Pink. It is furnished with a key chain, flip-top safety cap, plus finger-grip dispenser. This 10% OC deterrent with 18 grams is granted 10 one-second bursts that are effective until 8 to 12 feet.

Correspondingly, we provide on our Website the EPA-approved Mace® Muzzle Canine Repellent. It is what every individual ought to have for secure, reliable, plus gentle fortification vs. antagonistic canines.

It is given a belt clip, finger-grip dispenser, key chain, plus flip-top safety cap. This 17-gram deterrent is furnished with 10 one second shots having an extent of 10 feet. Outside their houses, fitness and sports buffs could have a run-in with violent dogs.

All defensive sprays comprise of oleoresin capsicum, or OC for short. This ingredient is an extract of hot cayenne peppers. Every time such a spray comes in contact with the eyes plus skin, OC sets off an instant and acute feeling of burning.

Similarly, it initiates a tightening of the air passages. For some 20 to 50 minutes, these are going to steer anybody to stretches of persistent coughing, choking, plus blindness. For another few hours, there will further be an irritation of the face, eyes, and nose.

Nonetheless, all of these effects of defense repellents are just short-lived and are never fatal in any manner. In police applications, they are still dependable and not injuring to utilize. These OC deterrents are always practical to have.

The Mace Running, Hiking & Sports Protective Repellents

These running, tennis, hiking, fitness, plus sports protective repellents from Mace® can be retained within reach. You will be able to hang onto yours in a pocket or purse, or also, appended to a key ring.

A deterrent like these ones is easy to fish out in the event of harrying or occasions of sexual intimidation. If you demand the elimination of shoplifters or the removal of nasty dogs, these will be the ones to use, too.

These protective sprays are available in an assortment of looks, shapes, plus colors for them to conform to your requirements. Correspondingly, these are furnished with a variety of appendages, such as a Velcro-type strap or a finger-grip dispenser.

Do you avail yourself of defense repellents frequently? If so, then you should acquire these at bulk costs in order to spare your cash. As well, you would be able to earn by being a retailer of these items for personal protection.

The bunch here is probably the most suitable for female joggers and hikers. Specifically because these are lawful to have in the U.S., except in four states, they are certainly profit-making.