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Mace Home Defense

Mace Home Defense for Urban & Rural Populace

At close to three of each ten home break-ins, there is a person in the house at the time. A dumbfounding 34% of the robbers have passed through the main door. It genuinely pays to have effective house protection, such as with Mace Home Defense.

In 2014, merely 13.6% of all break-ins have been followed by the robbers’ arrest. We could not really wait for law enforcement to come to our aid. Most of the time, they would not be anywhere near and we would be on our own.

This is the reason that we should be able to safeguard ourselves. Pepper sprays for home safety ought not to be neglected. Mace® deterrents may be utilized in any house or home office whether in an urban or rural zone.

The brand’s home protection sprays can be had in numerous varied sorts, from gel to foam plus liquid. These are also available in assorted styles, sizes, and colors. Whether you live in a very large mansion or a tiny, lowly apartment, there is a Mace repellent for your residence.

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Varied Types & Styles of Mace Home Protection Sprays

The Home Model is our largest for sheltering the family at their domicile. It merges OC pepper and CN tear gas, merging them with UV marking dye. This high-powered cone fogger is given 120 grams, spurting 38 one-second shots for 8 feet. Having a flip-top safety cap, it is magnificent not only for big homes plus apartments yet likewise for RV’s plus dormitories.

The Pepper Gel is a pepper preparation that is pushed back in gel rather than placed in a liquid stream. It is a stronger repellent with a longer extent. This less polluting, non-flammable deterrent bonds as glue to the skin of the criminal.

The defense gel Large Model is supplied with 45 grams that span 18 feet. Its fire-rate is 7 one-second spurts. There is correspondingly the Magnum Model provided with 79 grams and 13 one-second burst of a fire-rate. Its scope is 18 feet. Every one of them has a flip-top safety cap.

The last of our three sizes of Pepper Gel is the Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model. It mingles OC pepper in a Maximum Strength Formula with Mace stream gel technology plus UV marking dye. Having a startling span of 25 feet, this Ultimate Pepper Gel Formula has diminished wind blowback.

As well, we grant the thick Pepper Foam, which masks the criminal’s face so it will be hard for them to see. Pepper is crushed into their eyes plus face once they struggle to rub the foam off. Like the others, this one has UV marking dye.

The defense foam Large Model is a suitable size for moving around. This 67-gram deterrent provides 5 one-second shots that are good for 8 to 10 feet. There is a high-powered Magnum Model, too. Containing 115 grams, it furnishes 8 one-second spurts with an extent of 8 to 10 feet also.

At Self Defense Products Florida, there is the Exquisite Polka Dot Purse Model in the purple and pink hues. You will just have to direct the defensive spray’s container to the face of the goon before pulling the trigger.

The stream spray can be had in either of two fashionable hues and is given UV marking dye. Each one loads 5 one-second bursts that have a scope of 10 feet.

The Pepper Gun utilizes a special delivery method with the Bag-in-a-Can technology of MACE®. With this method, the defensive spray is akin to an aerosol and will repels from every angle in an unbroken approach, like if it clasped downside up.

Available in the colors silver, pink, plus matte black with a LED strobe, this defense gun repellent is offered with a trigger-initiated LED light. It grants 7 one-second shots effective until an amazing 25 feet. There is also a water test cartridge with every purchase.

Next at the Website is the Pepper Gun Leather Holster. It is furnished with a snap closure plus a belt loop.

Last but not least is the Fogger Model, which merges OC pepper and CN tear gas with the addition of UV marking dye. The 60-gram model is provided 18 one-second spurts that extend for 8 feet. This full cone fogger with a flip-top safety cap has been intended for homes plus vehicles.