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Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model

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Pink just got Hotter! Mace Hot Pink Pepper Sprays come in a wide variety of models for those who prefer to carry their choice of personal defense in stylish pink.

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Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model for Needed Protection

At any moment, you could easily become the victim of a violent crime. The great thing is that there are options out there that can provide you with much needed protection and self-defense, for example, the Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model that made pink that much hotter!

Nowadays, strolling through a park, enjoying a jog, entering a parking garage, and many other activities are not safe. However, there are many options when it comes to repellent sprays.

Those who love pink and wish to protect themselves have been opting for this Mace® spray in hot pink as a personal self-defense option. It features the original design of Mace Flip & Grip for defense that is safe and fumble-free.

Accidental discharge is prevented with the flip-top safety cap, and the finger grip dispenser makes aiming as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

On top of that, the key chain and the compact size of the Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model make it perfect for keeping on your keys or very quickly pocketing it or tossing it in a purse before you leave your home.

In a threatening situation, this repellent spray allows you to safely defend yourself, thanks to its Mace maximum strength formula that consist of ten percent OC pepper as well as a UV marking dye.

The UV marking dye is invisible to the naked eye yet police are able to use it to help identify the crook later on. As they say, just spray and then get away!

The Hot Pink Mace Pocket Model Repellent Spray

The ten percent defense deterrent formula found in the Mace® product has a 1.4% capsaicinoids concentration, making it one of the hottest formulas currently on the market. It contains a naturally occurring sunstone, which is derived from cayenne peppers and is called oleoresin capsicum.

An intense burning sensation is experienced upon contact with the skin, throat, and eyes due to the OC pepper formula. This causes a crook to quickly shut their eyes, start coughing, and experience that burning sensation.

Another benefit of purchasing the Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model is that it contains that invisible UV dye; essentially, it marks the crook and can be helpful in helping to identify them.

It is the ideal defense deterrent to carry on your car keys or place in your purse, in pants or a jacket pocket, etc. Here are the main features of this pepper repellent: • Flip-top Safety Cap • Finger Grip Dispenser • Pepper Spray • UV Dye • Net Weight of Eighteen Grams

It is important to remember that for the optimal performance of any pepper repellent at all, you should replace it at least once every two years.

You can obtain further details on expiration dates and shelf life on the manufacturer's information sheet that comes with your Mace® defensive spray.

So, if you are looking for a great self-defense option that is safe, discreet, and easy to carry, and if you love all things pink, then the Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Pocket Model is definitely the choice for you.

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