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Mace Concealable Defense

Mace Concealable Defense vs. Sex Offenders and Shoplifters

Pepper sprays are chili pepper in a liquid mode. They have the vigor to bring thugs, raiders, sex offenders, purse snatchers, shoplifters, plus other outlaws to a standstill. Fuse this with surprise added with camouflage, and you will have Mace Concealable Defense.

The percentage of OC in many defense repellents is 10. It can present 1 to 2 million Scoville heat units. Anybody would bear those SHUs rapidly. And the outcome is inflammation, choking, persistent coughing, pain, and as a result of all those, instantaneous debilitation.

Sometimes, daunting a person from harassing you is not going to be enough to frighten them. Sometimes, too, fleeing their harassment is not doable. That is why you need a reserve scheme, such as furnishing yourself with a camouflaged defense repellent.

A bit of surprise is constantly helpful to have in every circumstance that might possibly heighten into out-and-out bloodshed. For that reason, Mace concealable defensive sprays will be imparting a far more successful scheme for protection.

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You will be coerced to protect yourself. Additionally, you will be pushed out of your condition as speedily yet as securely as imaginable. In those situations, it will be remarkable to have surprise, camouflage, plus the blocking force of pepper OC deterrents.

A Great Array of Mace Concealable Defense Repellents

Firstly, we make available the PepperGard® Leather Plus Model that figures with a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap plus key chain. This 15-gram deterrent supplies 5 one-second spurts good until 10 feet.

Next is the Leather Plus Model with Tear Gas plus UV dye, glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap, as well as key chain. It is 11 grams and offers 5 one-second bursts.

The MACE with Leatherette Holster can be had in red, black, blue, plus green. This 11-gram Stream is presented with a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap and key ring. It contains 5 one-second shots covering 10 feet.

Likewise, the Michigan Approved Pocket Model Double Action with CS Tear Gas has 5 one-second spurts. The 10-gram repellent is endowed for 6 to 12 feet. And there is the 17 gram Michigan Approved Pocket Model Double Action with CS Tear Gas. Effective for 8 to 12 feet, it gives 10 one-second bursts.

We arrange, too, for the KeyGuard Soft Case Pink Camo Model with UV dye. This Stream is provided with a nylon camp pouch that has a snap closure, key ring, plus glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap.

The site, Self Defense Products Florida, also has the 15-gram Pocket Model with a finger-grip dispenser. Supplying 5 one-second shots, it spans 6 to 12 feet. And then we deliver the Pocket Model with Tear Gas plus UV Dye. It affords a finger-grip dispenser, key chain, and flip-top safety cap. With 11 grams, it has 5 one-second spurts with an extent of 6 to 12 feet.

Next, there is the Hard Case Model with glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap plus key ring. Available in red, black, blue, plus purple, it supplies 5 one-second bursts. The 11-gram Stream is good until 10 feet.

Our tenth spray is the Purse Model in black, pink, gold, plus red. This Stream with UV Dye is granted 5 shots that have an extent of 10 feet.

Correspondingly, we have the Exquisite Polka Dot Purse Model with UV dye. To be had in pink plus purple, it has a span of 10 feet and is endowed with 5 spurts. And then the Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model with UV dye is offered in black, pink, plus silver. Having 5 bursts, it extends for 10 feet.

The Personal Model has a belt clip, finger-grip dispenser, flip-top safety cap, plus key chain. This 17-gram unit contains 10 one-second shots effective for 8 to 12 feet. Similarly, the Personal Model with Tear Gas plus UV Dye is supplied with a finger-grip dispenser, flip-top safety cap, belt clip, and key chain. Another 17-gram deterrent, it covers 10 one-second spurts that span 8 to 12 feet.

Our second to last repellent is the Pepper Batons that are available in pewter, red, plus black, with refills on the Website. Supplied in 3 one-second bursts, the 4-gram spray covers until 5 feet.

We then have the Pepper Foam in a Large Model. 67 grams, it is given with UV dye plus a flip-top safety cap. It extends for 8 to 10 feet and is afforded 5 one-second shots.