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Mace Compact & Pocketable

Mace Compact & Pocketable to Use Out There

Whether at home or out there, any one of us could genuinely use a non-lethal self-defense device such as pepper spray. As a matter of fact, it would be great to have not just one but a few. Mace Compact & Pocketable has a host of small and cunning defense repellents.

These discreet repellents are uncomplicated to conceal. Correspondingly, they are more fitting to carry than the bigger sprays. You will be able to mount one in a side or back pocket or in a little toiletry bag as an alternative to clinging to it in a large bag with several things in it.

A load of these compact deterrents are keychain defense sprays. You could bring one with you every time and then utilize it whenever you would like. Most people would not even discern that these items are really personal protection gadgets.

A Collection of Mace Small Pocket-Friendly Sprays

The KeyGuard® Soft Case Pink Camo Model is available with a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap. This stream with UV marking dye has a nylon camp pouch that has a key ring in addition to a snap closure.

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At Self Defense Products Florida, we similarly have the KeyGuard® Mini Pepper Spray Baton in pink or black. About 3 inches in length, it is supplied with an orientation tab, key ring, plus hinged safety cap.

There, too, is the Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model in the colors silver, pink, as well as black. And then the Exquisite Purse Model in the hues pink, gold, plus black. This one is a stream that has invisible UV dye.

Next, you could avail yourself of the Pocket Model in hot pink, with UV marking dye. It is given the singular Mace Flip & Grip motif to add to a finger grip dispenser and flip-top safety cap. We also have 10% PepperGard® Pocket Model. It provides a simple aim function plus finger-grip dispenser.

Also on the Website is the Pocket Model with not only OC pepper yet CN tear gas together with invisible UV dye. It grants a flip-top safety cap, key chain, plus finger-grip dispenser.

The Michigan Approved Double Action CS Tear Gas deterrent can be had in a Pocket Model plus a slightly larger 17 gram version. It merges CS tear gas and UV marking dye.

We then have two Leather Plus Model repellents. The first one is a 10% PepperGard® having a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap in addition to a key chain. The second one is furnished with OC pepper and tear gas plus invisible UV dye. It has a key chain plus glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap.

Now, the Leatherette Holster spray has a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap to add to key ring. It is granted in the colors blue, red, green, as well as black.

Likewise at are the aerosol Pepper Batons. These are available in black, pewter, plus red, and you could avail yourself of refills here.

Mace Pocketable & Compact Repellents vs. Physical Thugs

We could next provide you with the Hard Case Model that has a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap plus key ring. It can be had in blue, red, purple, as well as black.

Here as well is the 10% PepperGard® Personal Model. It is supplied with a finger-grip dispenser, belt clip, flip-top safety cap, plus key chain. Another 10% Personal Model is in hot pink. It is given a finger-grip dispenser, key chain, in addition to a flip-top safety cap.

A third Personal Model has both OC pepper and CN tear gas plus UV marking dye. It provides a flip-top safety cap, key chain, finger-grip dispenser, as well as belt clip.

The Pepper Foam Large Model is granted with UV dye to add to a flip-top safety cap. Its thick foam wraps the thug’s eyes plus face. They might struggle to rub the foam away, but then, the pepper would be abraded into them.

Even though little, these pocket-friendly deterrents do have an ample OC pepper solution to deter every kind of aggressor, including cruel canines and other animals. You could paralyze the thug in the interim to bolt and be able to seek assistance.

Are you repeatedly commuting, on highways, or jogging? If so, what you truly require is a small, pocketable defensive spray. Bringing one wherever you go is a terrific route to protection.