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Mace Accessories & Refills

Mace Accessories & Refills for Pepper Gun, Baton, Others

Defense devices with an extended reach include all of the Mace repellents. For these devices to be used reliably for personal protection, sensible practice as well as sufficient ammunition are necessitated. Mace Accessories & Refills are required for the brand’s pepper gadgets.

With these extended gadgets, correct pointing plus firing are required. However, both of those needs are not very simply to achieve. Correspondingly, most citizens would not be able to do either or both of those instinctively.

Do you desire to be able to utilize your defensive spray reliably? If you do, then it would require submitting to a bit of practice. Rudimentary training in these deterrent tools begin once you select your favored reloadable repellent.

Before any training can commence, though, you must first learn a few facts about defense repellents. For one, you have to acknowledge that the operational constituent of any pepper mixture is oleoresin capsicum or OC.

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Fundamentally, it is a weapon made of cayenne, habanero, jalapeño, plus other spicy chili peppers. The heat that is able to be fabricated by foods or food substances is measured by the Scoville scale, in which the Naga Viper pepper, for instance, has 1,382,118 Scoville heat units.

The hottest chili these days is the Carolina Reaper. It is imparted SHUs of 1.6 million on the scale. Farther than that, the pure chemical known as capsaicin yields 16 million SHUs. Pepper spray itself, which is created with 10% to 18% OC, can turn out until 5 million SHUs.

MACE® has 10% OC and supplies 1 to 2 million SHUs. However, OC is not the only operational constituent that the brand’s products has. Some are in gel or foam while others constitute tear gas, too, or ultraviolet dye or others.

A Variation of Accessories & Refills for Mace Sprays

At Self Defense Products Florida, we furnish Pepper Batons Refill. Every refill sprays 4 grams. It is given 3 one-second shots having a scope of up to 5 feet. While these batons are able to be covert like key chains in plain view, the defense repellent is inside each piece.

Once the spray is finished, just replenish. Also, the unit is not just a repellent but a baton, which is sort of like a kubotan. This petite stick would be able to provide you with a lead, especially at a close distance.

Similarly, there are the Pepper Gun Refills here on the site. Each fill-up has two OC cartridges that are offered handily in a dual pack.

This defense gun spray has an apparatus that is the same as a flare gun and an appearance similar to a revolver. Its distinctive squirting technique presents widespread influence on the Stream.

We next have the Pepper Gun Refill of their Water Practice Spray. This is also a dual pack, meaning that every replenishment is granted two cartridges of water spray for training.

There are correspondingly the Pepper Gun Refills that have 1 OC top-up as well as 1 Water Spray training top-up. Thus, this is still a dual pack of two cartridges, one OC and the other water.

And then there is the Tactical Defense Spray Book that is known as “The Facts about Defense Sprays and How to Use Them to Bring Criminals to Their Knees”. It has a load of knowledge as to selecting your defensive spray, how you should carry that, plus how to fire it.

The pepper repellent practice book has a host of information, too, about how to impede multiple aggressors, using defensive deterrents vs. guns plus knives, date rape safeguards, plus home tactical utilization. As well, the 32-page book has so much more around the experiences of defending yourself using defense sprays.

Here, too, at, there is the Nylon Holster in Black that is for the MACE Pepper Gun. This soft case is hard-wearing, plus it comes with both a belt loop as well as a snap closure.

Correspondingly, we have on the Website the Pink Nylon Holster for the Pepper Gun. This resilient nylon holder is also given a belt loop plus a snap closure.

Now, when you next consider a fill-up container for any of the Mace® deterrent sprays, you better be fastidious. For 15 to 45 minutes, anybody who is granted a bout of defense repellent would cough non-stop and choke to death.