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Mace® Pepper Gun - Matte Black with LED Strobe

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Mace® Pepper Gun - Matte Black with LED Strobe Uses Advanced Delivery System utilizing Bag-in-a-Can Technology.

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Mace® Pepper Gun - Matte Black with LED Strobe

Defending your family and yourself has never been easier that with the Mace® Pepper Gun - Matte Black with LED Strobe. We never expect to be in a threatening situation, but it could happen to anyone.

You don't want to wait until it's happened to you. Preparing yourself ahead of time will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your family and you will be protected should the unexpected happen.

Mace repellent sprays provide a very safe, non-lethal means of self-protection, and they are effective! Their pepper repellents are formulated from oleoresin capsicum (OC), which is an all-natural ingredient derived from one of several species of hot peppers.

Upon contact with the face, the repellent spray causes the eyes to slam shut, the respiratory system experiences extreme discomfort, and the skin experiences a burning sensation. The effects generally last at least 45 minutes to provide you with the opportunity to move to safety.

One of the best features of Mace® pepper repellent is that there has an invisible UV dye that is mixed into the defensive spray.

If you ever have the need to use your defensive spray on an attacker, you'll feel better knowing that the dye will provide responding police officers the ability to more easily identify your attacker.

You'll have protected yourself from becoming a victim while, at the same time, helped the police to remove a criminal from the streets before they were able to victimize another person.

The Mace Matte Black Pepper Gun with LED Strobe Light

The Mace® Pepper Gun - Matte Black with LED Strobe is the perfect delivery tool for OC spray, and it is an intimidating tool to uses against thieves and attackers.

It features a LED strobe light that is trigger-activated to disorient an attacker while the OC spray is delivered, and it'll illuminate an attacker in the dark. This makes it very easy to aim even in poor lighting conditions.

The deterrent gun spray is capable of spraying an attacker up to 20 feet away with pinpoint accuracy. It'll fit in a traditional holster, making it easy to carry with you as a visual deterrence to would-be thieves.

Using the deterrent gun spray couldn't be easier. It's recommended that you practice with the included water cartridge first, so that you can become familiar with the operation of the gun before you ever need to use it to fend off an attacker.

Whether loaded with a pepper spray cartridge or a practice cartridge, the process is the same. Simply give the Pepper Gun a few quick shakes prior to taking aim. Aim at your attacker, and press the trigger using either your thumb or forefinger.

Use short, 2 to 3 second bursts to avoid emptying the cartridge before your attacker is incapacitated. It is just the right size to be comfortable in the hand of either a man or a woman.

The ability to respond effectively with non-lethal force when faced with a dangerous situation is empowering. The Mace® Pepper Gun - Matte Black with LED Strobe has been made from the highest-quality materials to provide you with the reliability that Mace has become synonymous with.


Mace Pepper Gun comes with:

  • Pepper Gun dispenser
  • One 28 gram OC cartridge
  • One Water test cartridge
  • Batteries (for LED light)

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