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2 oz Inert Stream

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This 2 Ounce Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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2 oz. Inert Stream Pepper Spray for Coaching

With the 2 oz. Inert Stream practice spray, you get a coaching tool that conforms in every aspect to a standard deterrent spray product. The only difference between this and a "live" self-defense pepper repellent is that it contains ordinary water instead of OC formula.

Deterrent spray makes a great defensive weapon but, like any weapon, it requires proficiency in order to protect you. You have to familiarize yourself with the way it works through practice. Practicing with live pepper repellent is both expensive and dangerous, though.

That's why manufacturers create practice spray products. These canisters operate in exactly the same way as "real" defensive sprays without including the potent oleoresin capsicum (OC) formula that gives defense repellents their kick.

This inert stream training spray makes it safe and easy for you to get a feel for how defensive spray works in a self-defense situation. It fires inert water blasts out to a typical distance so that you understand the range and performance of a defense repellent canister.

The pressurized water jet follows the same path that a "live" stream of repellent spray would, but it won't cause any harm if you accidentally hit anyone with it.

Important Safety Note: The inert water stream sprayer should never be used to intentionally target a person's face.

As you can imagine, the water stream will not cause the same violently adverse reaction as a dose of repellent spray - there will not be blindness, coughing, or burning pain.

However, the water stream is pressurized by nitrogen, and the sheer force of its impact (especially on the eyes) has the potential to cause discomfort or even injury.

Though this 2 oz. Inert Stream spray is not chemically active, you still need to treat it with respect and use it with caution. Exercise extra care when using inert training spray in groups.

The Inert Stream 2 ounce Coaching Spray

An additional benefit of using these inert practice sprays is that they will allow you to safely compare the different dispersal methods used in OC spray self-defense weapons. Besides the stream version mentioned above, you can also purchase inert practice sprays that deploy water in a fog.

If you're trying to decide whether to rely on a stream spray product or a fogger spray product, experimenting with the inert versions will give you a first-hand look at the difference between the two. It's especially useful to get a feel for the range and spray arc delivered by a stream-type canister.

It's dangerous to carry a can of pepper deterrent around and assume that you're fully protected if you've never used it. You cannot assume that it will behave the way other aerosol spray products behave.

And if you have no experience with aiming and controlling an OC spray canister, it will not serve you as a proper self-defense weapon. Practicing with this 2 oz. Inert Stream spray will greatly improve your confidence and familiarity with pepper deterrent.

Modern defensive sprays with a 10 or 18 percent OC payload represent powerful, potentially dangerous self-defense weapon. These are not products you want to use without training, especially in a life-or-death situation. Inert sprays are the perfect tools to use to familiarize yourself with how defensive sprays work.

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