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2 oz Inert Fogger

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This 2 Ounce Fogger Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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2 oz. Inert Fogger Pepper Spray for Practice

Before considering using real pepper repellents for emergency situations, you should start by practicing with one of the inert-based practice sprays such as the 2 oz. Inert Fogger practice spray, which can provide you with a way to be prepared when you need to use a real one.

This method of practice will also make sure you are able to defend yourself and avoiding spraying yourself or an innocent bystander accidentally.

Learning the basics of using pepper repellent in the correct manner is vital for developing efficiency as well as staying safe. This involves knowing the best angle to use when you use the spray as well as the distance that the spray can reach.

In addition, practicing means you can decide on how fast you are able to pull your weapon out as well as how quickly you can activate the device.

The 2 oz. Inert Fogger practice spray is water-based. It allows you to practice the best way to protect yourself without the need to waste repellent spray that contains OC or oleoresin capsicum, which is typically the main ingredient.

Practicing is a way to guarantee your safety while choosing to practice with real OC spray could lead to unintentionally spraying someone else or even yourself.

Real OC sprays are designed to choke, blind, as well as result in significant burning pain, which is the reason you never want to experiment with the real stuff. Using a practice spray enables you with a way to find out the "dos and the don’ts".

The Inert Fogger 2 ounce Practice Spray

This type of practice spray produces fogger-pattern sprays. The real deterrent sprays are typically fogger or stream types. The stream-based deterrent sprays will shoot out OC fluid similar to how a water gun works.

The fogger sprays release a type of mist. It is said that the fogger-based sprays are effective when it comes to covering larger areas, which are ideal for defense against more than one attacker at a time.

However, it is important to be aware that a fogger spray can result in blowback. What this means is that if you spray the fogger at the incorrect angle or there is strong wind present, the fog can blow back onto you instead of your attacker.

Making use of practice spray fogger will allow for a way to experiment and then avoid such complications when you use a real one.

These practice foggers also assist you in finding out the distance that the mist will travel. These foggers can generally shoot to a distance of around 10 to 15 feet.

Remember that the back end of this mist can blow out on either side. Take the necessary time to experiment and gauge how far the mist travels using a straight direction before it blows off course.

The practice pepper sprays contain water that is pressurized using nitrogen. Even though this water is safer than real OC spray, it is important to know that the nitrogen can cause eye irritations.

That means you should never spray directly into a person's face. Rather use the 2 oz. Inert Fogger training spray to find out how a defense repellent works as well as how the fogger mists will behave in various directions and wind strengths.

Safety is the main purpose when it comes to fogger-training sprays that make sure you never have to worry about accidental spraying.

The practice sprays also hold their purpose for instructors who teach their own self-defense classes. This is because they are water-based and used primarily for teaching basics on how to operate a pepper spray.

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