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Pen Knife

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Pen Knives are actual pens that could save your life.

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Regular Price: $6.00

Special Price: $5.10


Pen Knife to Safeguard You against Sudden Aggressors

It is impossible to know when somebody might attempt to rape you, mug you, or break into your house for the purpose of causing havoc or just to steal your belongings. The Pen Knife is the perfect choice for safeguarding you.

Against assailants, the best thing you can do is to carry with you a self-defense weapon always, but you should choose one that is easy to conceal and portable.

This pen disguised knife resembles and even weighs like a real pen. If an attacker or just your friend were to see it, they wouldn't think much of it immediately considering that a ballpoint pen is hardly suspicious or threatening. However, this is no ordinary pen but a very dangerous self-defense weapon.

To defend yourself against a sudden aggressor, all you need to do is take the part apart from the middle point to expose a long blade. The length of the blade of the knife is 2.13 inches, and it is sharp enough to cause light cuts and pain.

On its exterior, the Pen Knife resembles an ordinary office pen. It is available in gold, silver, or black, and is made to look quite fashionable though similar to other pens available in bookstores.

Its disguise makes it possible for you to carry it in the open without risking confiscation or rousing people's suspicions.

You can carry the disguised pen to the mall, to school, or even to work, and you will always be ready in case somebody tries to sneak up on you to mug you.

It is quite similar to the pen knife that boy scouts and cubs use except for the fact that they use theirs mostly for survival when they go camping.

The Disguised, Distracting Self-Defense Pen Knife Weapon

The primary functions of the Pen Knife are distraction and giving you the advantage of surprise over attackers.

Aggressors would be dangerous and wary if they are aware that you have a weapon but would never suspect that you would fight back since they would never even see the disguised knife.

If an assailant approaches you, then you can choose to reveal to them that you have a pen in your pocket.

While this might be sufficient enough for them to leave you alone, it might not always work. If it does not work, simply unsheathe the blade, make a quick cut to distract the assailant, and then run.

Used this way, the Pen Knife helps you make light cuts on the aggressor's arm, neck, or face but not deep cuts that cause serious injuries or even death.

The aggressor either will be too scared to chase you or will take some time to tend to the wound and shock, giving you enough time to summon for help.

If you know how shuriken are used as long-ranged weapons, you can also try using the Pen Knife as a throwing knife. Throwing knives are a perfect distraction and using one in such a manner gives you the opportunity to get away and summon the authorities.

The Pen Knife is a weapon you can always carry with you everywhere.

It is properly disguised and will give you a surprise advantage over your assailant since you will be able to fight back when their guard is down. It is also easy to use, meaning that you will not fumble with panic in case of an emergency.

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