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Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe

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The Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight. 

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Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe to Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

Would you pay attention to a beer can on a coffee table? The answer is no. This is precisely why the Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe is an ideal way to hide your valuable items such as cash, jewelry, and car keys.

Can safes are small and convenient since they easily blend in. You can use one of these safes to hide your valuables in plain sight, for instance, by leaving it out on a kitchen counter. You can also put your diversion safe away in the fridge or in a cupboard where a beer can will not attract attention.

Safe cans are a good way to hide your valuable items since you can easily transport them, and there are many different spots where these types of safes will not be noticed. Burglars usually spend only a few minutes inside of the homes they break in, and they always check the same obvious spots where people tend to keep valuables.

Diversion safes are must-have items if you need to hide some small valuable items around your home or in your vehicle. Using a diversion safe made to look like a Pabst Blue Ribbon can is a smart move since no one will pay attention to what looks like a beer can.

Interior dimensions 1” × 3⅞”

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