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P2P WIFI Table Clock HD Hidden Camera

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The IntelliSpy P2P WIFI Table Clock HD Hidden Camera is perfect to keep an eye on your home or office.

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P2P WiFi Table Clock HD Hidden Camera from IntelliSpy

When you leave your home to go to work or when leaving your workplace after a day’s work, you probably do not think that your office or your home will be broken into. When these incidences do occur, most home and office owners are shocked, and there is often very little that can be done without any evidence in place. To avoid this type of scenario from happening, you may want to install security cameras. Most security cameras are easy to spot and may be useful for keeping criminals away, but it is not the best solution if you intend to use one to watch over your children at home or to watch what goes on at the office when you are not around. For this type of security, you would definitely want a device such as the P2P WiFi Table Clock HD Hidden Camera from IntelliSpy.

The Appearance of This WiFi Security Camera

Its appearance is the major advantage about the P2P WiFi hidden camera. This is because when one looks at the camera, it appears as a regular clock. What unsuspecting individuals do not know is that the clock is actually an advanced surveillance camera that is recording what they are doing. You are able to quickly find out what really goes on at the office when you are not around.

The Function of the Table Clock Surveillance Camera

What usually gives away other spy cameras is when they are unable to perform the function on the type of device they are imitating. That is not the case with this IntelliSpy camera, as it operates as a regular clock, excepting that it features an HD camera that offers an easy method to record what is going on in a room. That means you do not have to worry about not being able to record a criminal act because the unsuspecting culprits will not be aware of the clock and in the majority of cases will not touch the camera.

The Recording Power of This HD Spy Camera

Typically, when most people think about a surveillance camera, they expect a picture that is blurry or fuzzy, like the ones shown in the news. The table clock P2P WiFi hidden camera provides you with a way to record high-definition videos of up to three hours of uninterrupted footage. You could be at home and keep a watchful eye on your staff at the office and who is doing what. Or you could be sitting at your office watching over your home to make sure your children are safe or to keep a lookout if there is any strange behavior going on. This covert camera records at a high 1020p, which offers you clear evidence of criminal activities.

The WiFi Capabilities of the Covert Camera

The WiFi capabilities on this covert camera means you are able to record everything you are looking for but also provide you with remote access to your nanny cam. You can access the security camera from other locations and nobody will even know that you are watching them.

The Portability Benefits of This Nanny Cam

Another attractive feature of this nanny cam is that you can easily move it around with ease. However, when deciding to move the camera to a new location, you will need to ensure that you have hooked up the WiFi at each new spot. This comes in handy when you are watching someone in the workplace or at home and you would like to record them at different locations. This increases your chances of catching them out if they are doing something wrong.

When it comes to adding in protection for your home or office, it does not necessarily come in the version of the traditional home security systems. Today, many homeowners and consumers have started to realize that surveillance equipment just like the P2P WiFi Table Clock HD Hidden Camera is a great way to have an additional level of protection. What is so appealing about these devices is that they are easy to install plus offer excellent footage, and the best part is that nobody will even be aware that they are there. This offers you with a chance to protect your loved ones or to find out what really goes on at the workplace.


Pixel 2.0 megapixel CMOS

Resolution 1080P

Video format ASF/AVI

Frames per second 25

View angle 90°

Distance of motion detection distance about 15 feet

Battery capability 2400mAh

Battery Life 10 hours

Compressed format H.264

Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB

Play software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer

Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS

Mobile phone operation system Android/iOS

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