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Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model

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Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model is a (Patent Pending) formulation of pepper spray which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream.

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Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model with 10% Formula

Are you looking for a large pepper gel spray? The Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model has a formula that contains 45 grams of defense repellent - enough to do seven one-second squirts, one continuous squirt or three two-second squirts, depending on the situation that you find yourself in.

The formula of the gel is perfect for either of indoor or outdoor usage. The pepper gel is heavy enough that medium wind will not affect the performance of the spray.

Whether you want to protect yourself from animals or humans, it will provide you with the security that you need. This formula will also work well in windy and rainy weather.

Mace's large pepper gel canister has the ability to shoot a stream up to 18 feet away. This means that you can stay a safe distance away from the violent persons.

The superior firing distance is one of the main advantages of pepper gel. The gel formula shoots in a thin, straight stream, which means it is easy to aim and predict exactly where the pepper stream will land.

The gel contains oleoresin capsicum. Mace's ten percent formula acts in two different ways. First, it causes instant blindness and unrelenting pain.

When the formula reaches the face, the violent person will experience swelling, overproduction of tears and mucus, and pain that can last up to an hour.

The Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model is formulated to penetrate the skin and stick to it. If the violent person tries to rub the formula away, it spreads across the skin, creating, even more, pain and tearing.

The Mace Large Model of Pepper Gel Spray

Additionally, the pepper gel spray can ward off more than one human or animal. This is important if you find yourself in an emergency situation like being stranded outdoors.

The large canister will last longer than smaller-sized canisters. This means it can last until you find a way out or are rescued by the authorities.

When you are faced with a wild animal or a criminal standing a few feet away, threatening you, then you are more likely to be able to survive the situation when you have a can of pepper gel.

Should you be faced with unfavorable weather conditions like rain or wind, this deterrent spray has you covered. The formula is not altered by the wind. This substance will remain on a violent person's face even during a heavy rain.

Finally, the formula is non-flammable but will produce excess burning pain. It will cause the violent person to experience pain, allowing you to leave the area and contact the authorities.

The Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model features a flip-top safety cap. This means that you do not have to worry about accidentally spraying yourself or one of your friends in the face.

The design is so easy to use that you will be able to flip the cap open, aim at the violent person, and depress the trigger to produce a stream of deterrent spray into their face. What could be simpler that this large Mace gel formula?

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