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Mace® Fogger Model

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Mace® Fogger Model combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye. OC Pepper causes eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable coughing and choking.

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Check Out Mace® Fogger Model for Your Safety Needs

With crime running rampant all over the globe, including many local crimes such as rape, murder, and robbery, it is vital that you have appropriate defense, such as the Mace® Fogger Model pepper deterrent.

If you are worried about your safety, then you are certainly not alone. This powerful product will provide you with everything that you need in a tiny little device.

Tiny enough to disguise in a single hand, this pepper deterrent model really takes the cake with the triple action formula in it. If you want protection, this amazing item is the thing to keep you safe.

This incredible defensive spray has three different ingredients in it, which are designed not only to help you get away from the violent person safely but also for cops to identify the perpetrator later, when apprehended.

First of all, it has pepper OC spray in it. This will cause incredible burning and pain once it gets into the eyes and nasal passages of the violent person. Likewise, if the individual gets some in their mouth, the spray will create intense pain.

However, this little defensive spray bottle adds some CN tear gas as well. That's right, tear gas! This level of tear gas is approved for civilians to carry in the use of self-defense but it packs quite the wallop that will give the violent person a great deal of pain.

The pepper and tear gas will close the eyes of the violent person, making them burn and swell painfully. Additionally, coughing and choking symptoms occur due to the contact with the nasal passages and through the throat.

The third ingredient in this is the one that police really love for folks like you to have in their pepper OC spray units. That is the UV dye included. If they are able to catch the perp, this will help in the proof and identification.

The Mace Fogger Defensive Spray with Triple Action Formula

You can carry the Mace® Fogger Model with you in the car or keep it near the front door, by your bed, or anywhere else that you want an added boost of security for yourself.

The top of this little unit readily flips open for you, revealing the pressure spray point that is easy to use. With the way it is designed, you never have to worry about accidentally spraying yourself in the face or otherwise aiming in the wrong direction.

Insider of the full cone spray fogger is 60 grams of liquid protection waiting to be released when you are ready. You have a range of up to eight feet with this. Thanks to the cone-shaped dispersal, you will be able to get the violent person or persons before they get within range.

With 18 solid spurts of use in each of these little containers, the Mace® Fogger Model is sure to provide you and yours with the safety you are seeking. These single-second spurts are sufficient to get the product into the eyes and nose of the violent person so you can get free.

Start taking charge of your safety today by purchasing one of these for yourself!

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