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Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0

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The Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0 provides distance defense with convenient point-and-shoot accuracy.

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Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0 for Self Defense

In a dangerous world, you need the Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0, the highest peak of defense spray technology. If you're uncertain why you would need such a thing, then you likely have no idea what kind of world we live in.

In today's world, people attacked without provocation. Minorities are literally killed in the streets by police officers, and there is no justice.

In a world like that, someone might need a solid self-defense tool. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of carrying around a lethal weapon like a gun or a knife. This is why repellent spray is such a great tool.

Pepper Spray: What Is It?

If you're unfamiliar with pepper repellent, it's a type of self-defense tool that fires a concentrated chemical cocktail, the prime ingredient of which is oleoresin capsaicin.

That is the chemical in peppers that make them spicy, so the idea is that you're firing a concentrated form of that chemical into an attacker's face.

If you've ever touched your eyes after cutting jalapeños, then you have some idea of how much that can burn. However, jalapeños are practically candy compared to the capsaicin levels in a defense deterrent.

Hotness is measured on the Scoville scale, and jalapeños top out at only around 8,000. The capsaicin they use in deterrent spray tends to be around 3 million.

Getting that level of oleoresin capsaicin in your eyes, mouth, and nose will cause swelling in the throat and a burning sensation in the eyes.

It will be painful, but it won't be lethal. This will allow you to get away from your attacker and get yourself to safety. However, if you want to make sure it works, then you're going to need to have a solid pepper deterrent, which is why you need the Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0.

The Mace Brand Pepper Gun against Assailants & Raiders

This Mace brand of Pepper Gun 2.0 has an advanced delivery system, designed specifically for long range delivery.

Whereas most canister-style defensive sprays can hit only around 8 – 10 feet, this pepper repellent can delivery up to 20 feet away. That's a much further distance between you and your attacker, meaning you have a much better chance of getting away.

As if that wasn't enough, it likewise comes with a truly bright LED light, which helps for both aiming and just generally lighting up the area.

When you combine that with its gun shape, which makes it easy to draw quickly and allows you to carry it in a holster instead of in a bag, then you can see why the Mace brand of Pepper Gun 2.0 is the best repellent spray on the market.

The world is a dangerous place these days. Hate crimes are skyrocketing, and it's hard to know what's going to happen from day to day. That's why you need to be safe.

And if you want to stay safe but you don't want to kill other people, then you need a non-lethal personal defense tool. And that tool should be the Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0.

DUAL MODE LED light distracts your attacker and helps aim at your target in the dark. Engage the trigger once to activate the steady LED flashlight feature. Engage the trigger a second time for the pulsating LED strobe. Comes with a OC Pepper Cartridge and a Water Practice Cartridge. Integrated Picatinny rail allows you to attach accessories to your Pepper Gun. (3) x 1.5V AG13/LR44 batteries included.

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