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Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams

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Great news for true outdoor enthusiasts! Now you can protect yourself against possible bear attacks, with safe, humane Pepper Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams.

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Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams to Ensure Safety

In a situation whereby you come into close contact with a wild animal such as a bear when out in an area such as the wood, your number one consideration should be based on survival. This is when a product such as the Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams is a way to ensure your safety.

This product is a humane alternative to having to use crossbows, guns, or any other type of weapon that could cause permanent harm or even death to the animal.

A Mace spray will not result in permanent damage as well as offering you with a way to defend your life from as far as 30 feet away.

This bear deterrent spray is able to shoot to a distance of 30 feet, which is almost half of the length of a basketball court. Keeping in mind that a full-grown bear could cross that distance in a matter of seconds, this short but available time is what could be what saves your life.

In a situation such as this, an additional 2 to 3 seconds can make the difference in becoming a victim to a bear attack or escaping with your life.

The 30 foot range is most likely the longest in maximum range that you will find when it comes to bear repellents. What you invest in when buying the Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams is the safest and longest distance that you can attain in order to protect yourself.

Does the Mace Bear Spray Really Work?

OC or oleoresin capsicum is the main active ingredient found in the majority of the tactical-defense-based sprays. The OC is designed to attack the person or animal’s sense of smell and irritate their lacrimal glands.

It is for this reason that pepper repellents used on humans produce intense effects. Some of the symptoms include swelling that occurs instantly around the area of the eyes, which forces the eyes to close upon contact.

This is followed by a burning sensation over the face. The nose and the eyes instantly begin to tear and develop mucus as the animal or human's body will try to resist the effects caused by these powerful formulations.

When it comes to an animal like a bear, their sense of smell is far more developed when compared to humans. The Mace spray is not only very effective on these animals but even operates more effectively when compared to humans.

In addition, in humans, the discomfort and pain caused by an OC spray is, in some cases, not sufficient enough to prevent a counter-attack. When it comes to bears, the counter-assault is just about eliminated as the pain caused is too intense for the animal.

If you would prefer to prevent having to use one of these sprays in a bear's face, there are various ways to avoid these animals when you venture into unknown territory.

However, if you do come into contact with one of these dangerous animals, make sure you armed with the Mace® Bear Spray 260 Grams, which allows you to shoot the device from a distance of 30 feet. And the 2-inch canister can spray continuously for up to 5.4 seconds.

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